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Buy Shipping preferences

You can set Buy Shipping preferences for purchasing shipping through Buy Shipping in Seller Central. By entering preferences, you can decrease the time that it takes to purchase each shipping label.

Tip: If you choose to buy shipping in bulk, set up all Buy Shipping preferences prior to bulk purchase.

To learn more about how to buy shipping, see Buy shipping through Seller Central.

Note: These preferences do apply to the Merchant Fulfillment API.

To set your preferences:

Select Settings at the top right of any page in Seller Central, click Account Info, and then click Buy Shipping Preferences under Shipping and Returns Information.

Manage your Ship-from locations

  1. Click + Add new address or Edit.
  2. Enter your ship-from locations. Ensure that you include full addresses and time zones.
  3. Select a default shipping location. Once completed, you will be able to set Buy Shipping preferences.
    Note: The changes made here will be reflected under your Shipping Settings. For shipping from China, ensure your address is entered in Latin characters as outlined on the Buy Shipping from China page.

Certain preferences will be for all shipping locations, while other preferences will be specific to the location selected.

Preferences for all ship-from locations

Package types:

If you frequently ship packages of the same size, you can create custom package types to choose from when you buy shipping. This will save you time as you will not have to repeatedly enter the same dimensions. Enter a name for the package type so that you will remember what it is for.

Confirmation settings:

Select your preferred method for receiving confirmations.

Insurance settings:

Insurance settings allow you to set optional insurance settings for all of your deliveries, or only for deliveries over a defined package value. These settings will apply to all shipments regardless of which fulfilment centre they are shipped from.

To learn more, see Enter Buy Shipping preferences for all shipping locations.

Preferences for carrier prioritisation

Use these preferences to prioritise your available shipping methods in Buy Shipping. Drag carriers from right to left in order of preference. To exclude a carrier, leave it outside the box. If you do not have a preference, you do not need to change anything.

To learn more, see Enter Buy Shipping preferences for ship-from locations.

Note: Some carriers allow you to change your printing preferences for the layout of shipping labels. If you need a new label, see Reprint a shipping label.
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