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How virtual Dash Buttons work

Virtual Dash Buttons are shortcuts to help Prime customers easily find, purchase, and reorder their favorite products. We automatically create Dash Buttons for Prime-eligible products that customers reorder the most. Learn more about how customers can use Dash Buttons.

As a seller, you don't need to sign up for virtual Dash Buttons because they're created automatically. However, you can change the button image for your brand.

Note: To change your brand's virtual Dash Button image, your product must be eligible for Prime shipping, and you must be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. If you are not enrolled in the Brand Registry, you can apply if your company manufactures its own products or represents its own brands. For more info, read about the application process.

Add Images

Follow these steps very closely to avoid delays with uploading your brand's image. We will use this image for all buttons for your brand, so please don't use a product image.

  1. Use one of the following templates to guide the placement of your logo:
  2. Create your image by following these guidelines:
    1. Confirm that the image size is exactly 600 by 260 pixels. All background colors and images should extend to cover the full area of the button.
    2. Position the brand logo on the left side of the button, and ensure that it's no larger than 300 by 200 pixels. We will trim the corners to fit the rounded shape of the button.
    3. Verify your final artwork against this example output. This is how we would like the image to look.
  3. Contact us to submit one request per brand:
    1. Go to the Contact Us page.
    2. Click Selling on Amazon, click Other Issues, and then select Virtual Dash Buttons.
    3. Fill out the form (including uploading your image), and then click Send.
    Note: If you own multiple brands, submit additional requests for each brand.

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