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Product image error codes

The following table provides a list of error codes related to product image submissions and a description of how you can resolve the errors.

Error Code Description
1. Poor image quality The image did not meet Amazon's quality standards. Resubmit a higher-quality image.
2. Product out of focus The image was either photographed poorly or a digital image was resized (enlarged) to create a degraded image.
3. Product not professionally photographed or scanned The image did not meet Amazon's quality standards. Resubmit a higher-quality image.
4. Product too small in frame The product is too small in relation to the full image size. Resubmit a new image that meets the size requirements. An example of this error would be a 500x500 pixel image in which the product appears in only 100x100 of that image. As a general rule, at least 85% of a product image should be taken up with the product itself.
5. Product not against a white background The image contains a product that is not set against a white background, or the background of the image is not pure white (hex code #ffffff). Reprocess the image so that the background is pure white and resubmit the image.
6. Product not outside of packaging The image shows a product in packaging (anything containing shrink-wrap, stickers, jewellery boxes and the like). Resubmit an image showing the product outside of its packaging.
7. Extra products depicted The image shows products that are not associated with the product's ASIN. Resubmit an image showing only the product that is shipped with an order of that ASIN.
8. Not enough information to enable buying decision The image does not provide enough information about the product. Resubmit an image that shows the entire product so that customers can make informed buying decisions.
9. Product does not match ASIN The image does not match the product associated with Amazon's existing ASIN. Associate the image with the correct ASIN and resubmit the image.
10. Bad ASIN or variant The image contains an incorrect name, incorrect ASIN or improper use of variants or styles. When submitting a variation product image, you must format the name with exactly 4 characters.
11. Unsupported file extension The image is not in a supported file format. Amazon only accepts .tif, .tiff, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif file extensions. Extensions are not case sensitive.
12. Image file was corrupted or in an unexpected format The image file was incomplete, saved in a format other than RGB, or was saved with the wrong file extension for the type of file.
13. Image dimensions too small The image did not meet Amazon's size requirements. Resubmit a new image that meets the size requirements. Product image files must be at least 500 pixels on the shortest side.
14. Authoritative image already exists The image file is already live on Amazon's image servers.
15. Duplicate image uploaded The image file is already live on Amazon's image servers.
16. Unknown internal error We encountered an unexpected error when completing your request. Try your request again later.
17. Image with identical ASIN and variant already queued for review The image is already in Amazon's product image review queue and will be reviewed in the order received.
18. Cannot process file The image file does not meet Amazon's content guidelines.
Note: Search "image error" in Help for other common errors.
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