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Multiple return addresses

You can set a default return address for all stores in a given region or set default addresses for each store.

Offer return addresses

Important: As soon as you create or modify a rule, it will apply to all return requests for orders placed from that time. Newly created rules will not alter returns requests on orders already placed.

  1. Go to Settings and then click Account Info.
  2. Go to the Shipping and Returns Information section, and select Return Address.
  3. On the Returns Settings page, click Return Address Settings.
  4. If you need to create a new address, click the Manage your return address link, and select Add a new address. Complete the form with the required details to create a unique address name and the actual address you are permitted to use.
    Note: You cannot use an existing address name unless the original entry is deleted.

Update return addresses for multiple stores

  1. Click Add new overrides, and select Set the address from your list of return addresses.
  2. Click on Use this address to make the selected address your default address for that store.

To edit an existing address rule for a store:

  1. Click on view existing overrides.
  2. Select change address, and choose the address you want to use in that store.
  3. Select use this address.

    This will modify the settings.

To delete an existing address for a store, click on view existing overrides and select remove.

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