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Business Reports FAQ

How do I provide feedback or feature suggestions for the Business Reports?

To provide any feedback or suggestions you can click the Feedback option at the bottom of the page.

How do you define the sales and traffic metrics calculated and displayed in Business Reports?

You can find definitions for the metrics and terms in our Business Reports glossary, alphabetized by the name of the metric or term.

Can I download the data from Business Reports?

You can download data in a CSV format by clicking Download on the Sales Dashboard. You can also download data from Business Reports, such as By Date, By ASIN, and more by clicking Download (.csv) next to View SKU Performance in the table.

Note: Some versions of Microsoft Excel do not display the option of opening a text file as "Text file (tab-delimited)." You can still open the text file.

When is the data in Business Reports updated?

The metrics in each report is updated on a regular basis. The By Date reports are updated every hour with the data from the past few days, similar to Sales Dashboard. All reports except By Date reports, are updated daily and consist of data from the previous day. For instance, Wednesday’s data will be shared the next day, and the data from the previous week will be shared by the end of the day on Sunday.

Note: A week runs from Sunday through Saturday.

How do I match up the data I see in Business Reports here with my other reports or data feeds?

You can use the Business Reports glossary to view the definitions for each field and correlate this information with the data you have.

Which metrics within Business Reports include Mobile App traffic data?

From March 29, 2022, Page Views and Sessions metrics will include Mobile App and Browser traffic data, such as Page Views, Page Views Percentage, Sessions, Sessions Percentage, Order Item Session Percentage, Order Item Session Percentage – B2B, Unit Session Percentage, Unit Session Percentage – B2B, and Featured Offer (Buy Box) Percentage.

How frequently are the cancellations reflected in the Business Reports?

The By Date reports are updated with the cancelled orders every one hour and all the other reports are updated with the cancelled orders once a day. Decrease in the total sales that you might see at different time intervals depends on the number of cancellations that were made for that time interval.

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