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Partnered carrier shipping from China to the UK

The Partnered Carrier program allows you to send your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory from China to Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK. The programme enables you to commercially ship your FBA shipments in a cost-effective manner. Once the partnered carrier picks up your shipment, they will handle shipping from customs clearances to delivery to an Amazon fulfilment centre. Doorstep pickup and drop-off at a carrier facility in China is available.

Below is a detailed list of programme features:

  • Integration into Seller Central

    You can book shipments, enter customs information, schedule pickup by the carrier, pay logistics freight charges directly in Seller Central while creating your FBA shipment.

  • Amazon-facilitated shipping

    You don’t need to create a separate account with the carrier or do any credit checks to use the Partnered Carrier programme for global shipments. Ensure that your shipment and customs declaration documents are ready at the time of pickup.

  • Commercially cleared

    Partnered carrier shipments will be commercially cleared, with the carrier taking care of both origin and destinations customs clearance.

  • Amazon-negotiated rates and seamless payments

    You can rely on Amazon’s negotiated rates along with seamless Seller Central integrated payments.

  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery

    Once you schedule pickup from your location, the carrier will come to your door for pickup and will take ownership for delivery to an Amazon UK fulfilment centre.

  • End-to-end tracking

    You can track the status of your FBA shipment within Seller Centralvia the below path - Seller Central -> Inventory -> Manage FBA Shipments -> Search by shipment ID -> Track Shipment -> Shipment events .

How to buy shipping

You can buy shipping by using the existing FBA workflow for sending your shipments to fulfilment centres. The shipping options available to you will be based on the ship-from location that you provide. Book an FBA shipment with a participating carrier as follows:

  1. To create an FBA shipment, select Manage Inventory from the Inventory drop-down menu in Seller Central. Select each item that you want to ship, and then select Send/replenish inventory from the Action on selected drop-down menu.
  2. On the Send to Amazon workflow, select your Ship from address. This is the address from which you will send your inventory. By default, this will show the last address from which you shipped. You can change this address by clicking on Ship from another address.
  3. To add inventory to your workflow from a list of available FBA SKUs, choose Select from list as your SKU selection method. You can add inventory as single-SKU boxes (also called case packs) or as individual units. Go to Send to Amazon: choose inventory to send for detailed steps.
    • Single-SKU boxes, or case packs, contain one or more units of the same SKU. If the contents, weights, and dimensions for your single-SKU boxes don’t change frequently, we recommend that you create case pack templates for those SKUs that you want to send to Amazon.
    • Case-pack templates let you save information about how your SKUs are packed, prepped and labelled. You can reuse it for future shipments after template creation, which can save you time when you replenish inventory. You can have up to three case pack templates per SKU in Send to Amazon. You can edit a template by clicking on the Edit icon in the packing details column.
  4. On Confirm shipping page of Send to Amazon, select Amazon Partnered Carrier as the programme selection option and view single/multiple destination fulfilment centres where the shipment will be bound to.
  5. Input the ship date and shipping service (pickup or drop-off) option, and export the license option. Based on the estimated shipping cost, you can select the shipping mode and shipping carrier of your choice.
  6. After confirming the shipping carrier, enter the information required for customs clearance listed below:
    • Export License (EOR) Number: EOR number, if seller’s export license is selected. If you are not sure about your export licence number, consider using the carrier’s export licence instead.
    • UK VAT number: UK Value Added Tax (VAT) number for import customs clearance at UK.
    • UK EORI number: UK Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI) number for import customs clearance at UK.
    • Company Name in English: Full company name in English.
    • Company Name in Chinese: Full company name in Chinese.
    • Company information: Full company name in English along with complete company address.
    • Origin contact details: Point of contact in CN for carrier to contact for shipping arrangement and sending invoices.
  7. After confirming the customs information, choose the pickup date and slot for the carrier to pick up the shipment. If you choose drop-off, the carrier’s contact details will appear which allow you to coordinate the drop-off.
    1. Click on Calculate to generate the estimate for shipping fees based on the box dimensions and weight. The fees do not include customs duties and taxes to be charged by UK customs and other value added service charges.
    2. Click on Accept charges to agree to the carrier’s terms and conditions, and accept the charges.

    You will be charged for the shipment after the shipment is delivered in the destination fulfilment centre. Amazon will charge you for end to end freight, customs duties and any accessorial/unplanned charges as posted by the carrier.

  8. After you accept the charges, download the print box labels and relevant carrier labels that must be pasted on the shipment cartons when handing over to the carrier at pickup/drop-off.
  9. Click on Complete shipment to send a notification to the carrier for pickup slot confirmation. You can then track the shipment on Seller Central.

Suggested document formats and document samples

The following customs declaration documents are required for shipments cleared under carrier’s export of record:

  • Commercial invoice [includes Goods of Description, Brand, Model, Material, HS Codes (Harmonic commodity description and coding system), Cartons, Quantity(units), Unit Price (GBP), Total Price (GBP), Product picture, Electricity (Yes or No), Powder/liquid (Yes or No)]
  • Postponed VAT Accounting Confirmation Letter (applicable if seller has confirmed on postponed VAT accounting to carrier offline)
  • Customs Power of Attorney

The following customs declaration documents are required for shipments cleared under your (“Shipper”) Export of Record:

  • Commercial invoice [includes Goods of Description, Brand, Model, Material, HS Codes (Harmonic commodity description and coding system), Cartons, Quantity(units), Unit Price (GBP), Total Price (GBP), Product picture, Electricity (Yes or No), Powder/liquid (Yes or No)]
  • Packing list, includes unit quantity, carton quantity or pallet quantity, and dimensions.
  • Draft Customs Declaration form
  • Copy of Purchase Order
  • Postponed VAT Accounting Confirmation Letter, applicable for postponed VAT accounting shipments
  • Customs Power of Attorney

All documents must be duly signed by you (“Shipper”).

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods or hazardous materials may not be sent using the Partnered Carrier programme for global shipments. To ensure safe transportation, dangerous goods must comply with all applicable regulations and will be subjected to additional terms. To learn more, go to FBA Dangerous Goods programme.

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