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Brexit guidance

Amazon is committed to supporting your business selling in the UK and across Europe. On 29 October 2019, the UK and EU agreed to postpone the UK’s scheduled departure date from the European Union to 31 January 2020, which means that the previous departure date of 31 October 2019 is no longer relevant.

What does this mean for your business?

  • A No-Deal Brexit on 31 October 2019 has been avoided.
  • Although a No-Deal Brexit on 31 January 2020 is still possible, there is currently no immediate change to your existing relationship with Amazon.
  • Under the terms of the extension, the UK can leave the EU ahead of the 31 January 2020 deadline on 1 December 2019 or 1 January 2020, provided that the Withdrawal Agreement has been approved by the UK and European parliament by one of those dates. This would trigger a transition period until 31 December 2020 at the earliest. During such a period, there would be no immediate change to your existing relationship with Amazon.
  • Our current guidance is to maintain the standard four to eight weeks of inventory coverage as a best practice.

The UK government continue to advise businesses to prepare for a range of potential outcomes after the UK’s scheduled departure from the European Union, including a possible No-Deal Brexit, which could still occur on 31 January 2020, if the Withdrawal Agreement is not ratified. The UK government advises that a No-Deal Brexit could result in a temporary period of border disruption, affecting movement of goods between the UK and EU countries.

If there is border disruption due to a No-Deal Brexit on 31 January 2020, this could temporarily prevent cross-border fulfilment through EFN (European Fulfilment Network) and inventory transfers through Pan-European FBA. This would include FBA Export orders for UK-based inventory and FBA exports destined for the UK from inventory stored in mainland Europe.

Regardless of the outcome, domestic FBA fulfilment will remain unchanged.

  • Inventory in UK fulfilment centres will still be delivered to UK customers.
  • Inventory in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain will still be delivered to customers in mainland Europe.

We expect that goods sent directly to UK and EU fulfilment centres from outside of Europe (for example, the US or China) would experience minimal disruption. Fulfilment within mainland Europe would also remain unchanged.

Other considerations

  • The UK government have produced a Get ready for Brexit guide to prepare for changes at the UK/EU border in the event of a possible No-deal Brexit. This includes customs, excise, VAT and regulatory changes.
  • VAT obligations related to local inventory storage in the UK or EU countries remain unchanged.
  • Use our Service Provider Network for help with international shipping.

Amazon will continue to monitor UK government guidance on Brexit and will update this page as needed.

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