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FBA Onsite programme performance requirements

FBA Onsite uses performance requirements to help ensure customer satisfaction. To maintain Prime eligibility, Onsite sellers must maintain the metrics below.

Metric Requirement Best practices
On-time pack 100%
  • Pack units before the expected ship date (ExSD)
On-time shipment ≥99%
  • Hand over units for carrier scanning the same day
Cancellation rate ≤1%
  • Check inventory frequently to prevent cancellations

On-time shipment

All orders with an expected ship date on any particular day must be handed off to the carrier on that day with a carrier first scan. The missed expected ship date carrier first-scan percentage must be 1% or less.Any orders handed off with a next-day carrier first scan will be counted as late.

Best practices:

  • Alert your carrier ahead of time on days with higher order volume so that they are equipped to handle the larger volume.
  • Provide accurate carrier pick-up time for all FBA Onsite carriers. If there is a change in pick-up time for any of the carriers, inform the FBA Onsite team by opening a case in Seller Central.

Cancellation rate

FBA Onsite sellers must maintain an order cancellation rate of 1% or less.

Best practice:

  • Conduct periodic audits on your inventory to ensure you have accurate inventory count per product and identify damaged items.

Corrective actions (POA and COE)

If you fall below the minimum performance bar, Amazon can request a plan of action (POA) or a correction of error (COE) to help you continue your participation in FBA Onsite. The POA or COE generally includes:

  • Details on the reason for the incident.
  • Corrective action to prevent future occurrences.
  • Tips on how to maintain the corrective action to avoid future issues.
  • Communication from the carrier, if the carrier is at fault.

Amazon can also require an inventory audit as part of your POA.

An inventory audit is used to determine whether the inventory showing in the warehouse management system (WMS) matches the inventory in your warehouse.

Conduct an inventory audit when there are issues with out-of-stock items that cause order cancellations.

To audit your inventory, follow these steps in the WMS:

  1. In the Inventory menu, select All inventory.
  2. Select either View by bin or View by SKU, and then click Download all.
  3. Count the number of SKUs in each container.
  4. Adjust your inventory.
  • To remove inventory, select Adjustments in the Inventory menu. Select Lost or Remove, and then remove the inventory from the bin.
  • To add inventory, select Receive and stow and then add the inventory to the respective bin.

If inventory levels differ from what is actually in stock, you will be asked to update the WMS.

Note: Never use a Found adjustment. Inventory received with a Found adjustment will not appear as available for sale on Amazon.

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