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Changes as we prepare for a successful 2020 holiday season

Please note that Selling Partner Support does not have further information.

Why are you making these changes?

As we head into the holidays, we are preparing early to meet sustained increased demand. To ensure we are ready to best serve all of our selling partners and customers, we are introducing adjustments as we ramp into peak. Our commitment to our selling partners has never been more steadfast, and we have already reduced our own Retail product ordering to accommodate more of your products and help you continue to see sales growth.

Do all products in FBA have quantity limits?

Yes. All products that sellers can send to our fulfilment centres will have quantity limits. Most products will have enough space available for over three months of sales.

How can I determine how much inventory I am able to send?

To determine how much you can send in, go to Restock Inventory and check the Days of Supply column. Click on the units above the colour bar to open a pop-up window that includes your Maximum shipment quantity.

Important: Sending inventory in excess of the maximum shipment quantity is a policy violation and may result in cancellation of non-compliant shipments.

How do you calculate the Maximum shipment quantity allowed?

Your Maximum shipment quantity = Maximum inventory level allowed - Utilisation

The utilisation metric for each product is shown in the Days of Supply column at Restock Inventory. Click on the units right above the colour bar to open a pop-up window containing utilisation information. Utilisation represents your current inventory at Amazon, which counts against your maximum inventory level and helps determine your maximum shipment quantity. It accounts for your incoming shipments, inventory pending removals, and your reserved inventory. This may or may not match with the Inventory supply at Amazon.

What about new products or products that do not have recent sales?

We provide an initial quantity limit for all products to build your sales history. Your quantity limit will increase as you build sales performance for your products, which can take up to four weeks. You can check the quantity limits for products that are new or do not have recent sales on the Restock Inventory page and Restock report.

Why am I not able to create a shipment for some of my products?

You may be unable to create a shipment for your products if:

  • The units on the shipment plan exceed the ASIN’s maximum shipment quantity
  • Your sort-type usage has exceeded your storage limit for the current period in the Storage Volume monitor
  • The ASIN has a policy restriction (e.g. Dangerous goods/Hazmat)

How does Brexit impact my quantity limits?

We are still making changes to the quantity limit to reflect the Brexit requirements. You will temporarily find the maximum inventory level for the aggregated inventory, including the UK as part of the EU. While we are updating the limit, please properly inbound your inventory to the UK and EU. You can find our inventory guidance for Brexit here.

Will you be making additional changes?

We will continue to make adjustments to best support your business and keep you informed along the way. We appreciate your partnership as we improve the efficiency of our fulfilment network to prepare all selling partners for a successful peak season.

I have an IPI score above the required threshold. Why can’t I create a shipment?

All FBA ASINs have quantity limits.

If you have an IPI score above the required threshold and are not able to create a shipment, it may be because:

  • The units on the shipment plan exceed the ASIN’s maximum shipment quantity, or
  • The ASIN has a policy restriction (for example, Dangerous goods/Hazmat)

I submitted my removal order and my removal is still pending. Is this affecting my IPI score?

Pending removals will not adversely affect your IPI score.

For additional IPI FAQs, refer to the Inventory performance help page.

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