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Best practices for effective selling during Q4

We know that juggling inventory, orders, and customer contacts can keep you extremely busy during the festive season. To help you manage it all effectively, we've put together the following best practices checklist for successful selling on the Amazon stores.

We highly recommend that you print this checklist and tick completed actions as you prepare for peak. Links are included throughout the guide below.

Plan your inbound FBA shipments

We wanted to inform you that some parcel and pallet operators can report delays of up to two days for pick-ups during Q4, though this may be higher for some operators. While this does not affect all operators, and this is subject to change, we recommend that you factor in these potential delays into your shipping plans and aim to inbound your Q4 shipments at the earliest possible date.

  • Make sure you inbound on time. Please allow up to 21 days for inbound during busy periods.
  • Try the Partnered Carrier Program to benefit from daily delivery slots to Amazon and the competitive transportation rates negotiated with UPS.
  • While we are adding additional FBA capacity over peak and increasing shipment creation limits, you should check your Inventory Performance Index score for tips on how to improve your inventory health. As a reminder, a poor score may result in reduced inbound capacity.
  • For pallet deliveries, book an appointment at least 2 weeks before the expected live date on Amazon. Choose a night-time or weekend delivery slot to get an earlier appointment and ensure your stock arrives on time.

Manage your inventory

  • Use our Restock Inventory tool which offers recommendations on which products to restock, plus suggested quantities and re-order dates.
  • Set up Inventory alerts on your products to manage your listings without manual checks.

Review your pricing

  • Check your Pricing Dashboard and Pricing Health regularly to make sure you stay competitive.
  • Use the Automate Pricing tool. This enables you to set up rules to adjust prices on your SKUs in response to events such as a change in the Featured Offer price.

Monitor your account health

  • Review your Notification Preferences: Check if your ‘Emergency Notification’ contact details are entered and up-to-date. This will ensure that you receive all the necessary notifications in the event your account is at risk.
  • Review your Account Health Dashboard daily: Monitor the ‘Customer Service Performance’ widget to ensure your Order Defect Rate remains <1%, review the ‘Product Policy Compliance’ widget responding to any potential policy violations, and check the ‘Delivery Performance’ widget to ensure your delivery metrics remain below the permitted threshold (Late Dispatch Rate <4%, Pre-Fulfilment Cancellation Rate <2.5%, Valid Tracking Rate >95%).
  • Review your Performance Notifications across all stores daily: You should respond as soon as possible to any requests for information or warnings on account or ASIN enforcement. In cases of account enforcement, please review all recent Performance Notifications and the relevant help pages on appealing and drafting a Plan of Action.
  • In case of enforcement, check the top of your Account Health Dashboard to see if your account status qualifies for Account Health Support. If so, you will see a banner at the top of that dashboard, which you can use to initiate a call directly to the Account Health Support team. This team can provide further guidance on your enforcement and the appeals process.

Promote your products

  • Try Sponsored Products, our pay-per-click advertising solution. Set up instantly with automated campaigns and only pay when you are becoming a featured offer.
  • Have a look at the Promotions page to understand other ways you can drive traffic to your products in Q4 (for instance, offering 'buy one, get one free').

Submit Promotions

  • Submit deals for the key Q4 deals events such as; Early Black Friday Deals event, Black Friday week & Cyber Monday.
  • Submit the recommended Lightning Deals and 7 Day Deals here and submit Vouchers here.
  • Regularly check the status of your Lightning Deals and 7 Day Deals in Seller Central to see if they require any action. If your deal is suppressed, follow the guidance here.
  • Keep an eye on your Promotion quantity. You can adjust the number of available units whilst the deal is running to meet demand if there is a spike in orders.

Expand your listings

  • Consider sending inventory directly to an EU fulfilment centre to make your products are available to customers in 27 EU countries. You can view guidance on how to ship across the UK customs border and EU customs border.
  • Check the FBA Small and Light eligibility criteria to see whether you could benefit from lower fees vs. standard FBA for comparable products on more of your selection. Explore the recently launched Pan-EU Small and Light program.
  • Enable the FBA Export option here (make your products available to EU customers shopping on the UK website at no extra cost).
  • Use Multi-Channel Fulfilment to support off-Amazon sales through offering reduced rates, enabling you to support sales on your own website and other sites.

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