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Create your Store

You can create or edit your Store using Amazon’s self-service Store builder. It’s easy to create a multi-page experience, and no design expertise is necessary.

To create a new Store for your brand:

  1. Click the Stores tab.
  2. Click Create Store next to your brand name.
    Note: If your Brand Registry registration status is “Approved” but you’re seeing an error when you try to create a Store, contact us for further assistance.
  3. Enter your brand display name. This is your brand's shopper-facing name and will be used in the Store’s URL and breadcrumb.
    Note: the brand display name is case-sensitive.
  4. Upload your brand logo.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter a brief summary of the page content in the Page meta description box. This will appear in shopping results under the page title.
  7. Select a template. We’ve provided page templates to help you quickly set up the page with pre-organized tiles or start with a blank page.
  8. Click Create page and start adding content to your Store. To learn more, see Manage content in your Store.
  9. Once you’ve completed your Store, click Submit for publishing. Stores offers two publishing options:
    1. Standard publishing: makes your Store available to shoppers as soon as your content is approved by our moderation team. To select this option, click Submit in the pop-up window.
    2. Scheduled publishing: gives you the option to request the date and time you would like your Store to be made available to Amazon shoppers. To use this option, select the Request publish date checkbox, choose your desired date and time, and click Submit.
      Note: Your requested date and time must be at least 24 hours in the future to accommodate for moderation review. If your Store isn’t approved, you will need to make corrections and resubmit your Store and scheduling for publishing.
  10. After you submit your Store using either publishing option, it will be reviewed to ensure it meets our policies. We’ll notify you when the review is complete, and you can check the status in the status bar. To learn more, see Store moderation.
Note: After your Store is approved, you can create and schedule Store versions.
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