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Forgotten to provide data in the Filing preparation window

Using your VAT Transaction Reports, your tax agent will prepare your VAT filings for your review. Your tax agent will prepare your VAT filings based on the most recent VAT Transaction Reports, so that each time you update your data, the VAT filings will use the updated information.

If you have concerns on your filing’s accuracy, contact us at: before the Filing preparation window deadline, to work with your tax agent on your concerns. Unless you have contacted us about the accuracy of any of your filings, your tax agent will submit your VAT filings to the tax authorities by the filing deadlines, using the reports available to them.

If you did not provide your updated reports to your tax agent via VAT Services on Amazon before the end of the Filing preparation window, please contact us at:

What if there is an error in the reports?

If there are any errors in your Amazon VAT Transactions Report or Additional VAT Report and you do not correct these errors before the end of the Filing preparation window, then these transactions will be excluded and your tax agent will submit your VAT filings only based on those transactions which contain all of the information necessary to complete your VAT filings according to the requirements of the tax authorities.

If you need to correct these errors and include the transactions as part of your VAT filings after the Filing preparation window has closed, then your submitted filings will potentially need to be corrected. If this applies to you, please contact us.

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