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Transfer product details from Etsy to Amazon Handmade

You can follow these steps to transfer your product details from Etsy to Amazon Handmade:

  1. Download a CSV file from Etsy:
    1. Sign in to your Etsy account.
    2. Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options and then click on the Download Data tab.
    3. Click on Download CSV to save the file to your computer.
    Note: You will not be able to upload your Etsy file directly to Amazon.
  2. Go to Add Products via Upload.
  3. Under Step 1: Select the types of products you want to sell, select Handmade Products from the Product Classifier menu and then continue on selecting until you run out of options.
    Note: If you want to sell products in different categories, such as Baby and Pet Supplies, you will want to create separate templates for each product type.
  4. Under Step 2: Select marketplaces, select the marketplaces where you would like to list your products.
  5. Under Step 3: Select the type of template:
    1. For Template Language, select the template language of your choice .
    2. For Mode, select Custom.
    3. For Available Attribute Groups, add Images and Offer. If you are planning to sell your items via FBA, select FBA as well.
  6. Click on Generate Template.
  7. Open the template and save it to the location of your preference on whatever device you will be uploading the template from.
  8. With your template open, select the Template tab and copy the information from your Etsy CSV file to their matching Amazon attributes listed below.
    Table 1. Matching attribute guide: From Etsy to Amazon
    Etsy CSV Attribute Amazon Inventory Template Attribute Amazon Attribute Description
    TITLE item_name Product title
    DESCRIPTION product_description Product Description
    PRICE standard_price Sale Price
    QUANTITY Quantity Quantity
    TAGS generic_keywords Search Terms
    MATERIALS material_type Material Type
    IMAGE1 main_image_url Main Image
    IMAGE2 pt1_image_url Alternative Image 1
    IMAGE3 pt2_image_url Alternative Image 2
    IMAGE4 pt3_image_url Alternative Image 3
    IMAGE5 pt4_image_url Alternative Image 4
  9. Update your saved template with the following information that is not populated in your CSV file from Etsy:
    1. Product Type: This will not auto-populate in the template field, but there is a drop-down selector where the product type you selected in the generation of your inventory file.
    2. Seller SKU: SKU or Stock Keeping Unit is defined by you and can be any combination of alpha-number characters.
    3. Sub Category: This will not auto-populate in the template field, but there is a drop-down selector where the product type you selected in the generation of your inventory file.
    Note: Depending on the Product Type selected for your template, additional details may be required. Those additional required details will display in the template using the same colour as Product Type, Seller SKU and Sub Category.
  10. Navigate back to Add Products via Upload and select the Upload your Inventory File tab. Follow instructions on screen to upload your inventory file template.
    Note: Following your upload, you can Review Processing Reports for instructions on identifying any potential inventory file upload errors.
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