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Voice of the Customer

The Voice of the Customer dashboard is a hub where you can use feedback from customers to optimise your products and listings. From this dashboard, you can review the Customer Experience (CX) Health of your offers, read customer comments, identify product and listing issues and act to resolve problems.

Customer Experience Health

CX Health is a metric that helps you understand how each of your offers is performing relative to similar offers, based on your recent orders and customer feedback about your products.

Knowing your offers’ CX Health will help you identify issues such as mislabelled, damaged or defective products and inaccurate or incomplete detail pages. If you identify problems, you can take action to fix them. Negative customer experiences stemming from delivery problems don’t affect the CX Health of your offers.

Your offers’ CX Health is categorised as excellent, good, fair, poor or very poor. We recommend reviewing all offers with poor and very poor CX Health to understand and resolve problems.

  • Excellent (green): Your offer is performing significantly better than similar offers.
  • Good (light green): Your offer is performing as well as or better than similar offers.
  • Fair (yellow): Your offer is performing comparably to similar offers.
  • Poor (orange): Your offer is performing worse than similar offers and may be at risk of closure because of negative customer experiences.
  • Very poor (red): Your offer is performing significantly worse than similar offers and may already have been closed because of a high rate of negative customer experiences.

If your offer has been suppressed because of a high rate of negative customer experiences, you’ll see !Action required! under the date of closure in the Last offer closed date column. Click Resolve issue to review recent customer feedback to understand if there are systemic issues with your product or listing. You can then edit your listing and relist your offer or – if you sell your product through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) – submit an order to have inventory removed or disposed of.

Offers will display a CX Health of Insufficient Feedback when there are not enough customer comments to support a poor or very poor rating.

If you’ve deleted a listing on your Manage Inventory page, you’ll see Listing deleted under CX Health. These listings will display the last CX Health and customer feedback received before you deleted them. The listings will appear in the Voice of the Customer dashboard for up to one year after deletion.

How your CX Health is determined

CX Health is determined by comparing your offer’s negative customer experience (NCX) rate with those of similar offers. The NCX rate is the number of orders for which the customer reported a product or listing issue divided by total orders. Amazon listens to customer feedback across returns, refunds, customer service contacts and product reviews.

All NCX feedback and customer comments that you see in the Voice of the Customer dashboard are tied to items sourced by your business. However, if you participate in the manufacturer barcode programme, they may not have been sold by you.

NCX rates and CX Health are available only on offers that have had a recent sale. If an offer is new or if there have been no recent sales, you won’t see an NCX rate or CX Health. The Last updated date for each offer shows the last date on which there was either an order or a negative customer experience.

CX Health and NCX rates don’t result in any account-level action.

Improve your customers’ experience

Monitoring your offers’ CX Health can help you serve your customers better. Review comments on the dashboard to identify issues affecting customers. Once you identify a problem, you can act to remedy it. This might include removing damaged, defective or mislabelled inventory or updating your detail page. For more information, see Resolve your CX Health issues.

The NCX rate and CX Health are based on an offer’s historical performance. Depending on your order volume, it may take several weeks for actions that you take to be reflected in those metrics.

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