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Shipment performance dashboard

The Shipment performance dashboard is your one-stop tool for overseeing and managing your shipment performance. The dashboard summarises all problems that were identified when we received your shipments in the past 120 days, and shows repeated issues that might require correction. Critical-level problem groups are shown in red, elevated-level in yellow and standard-level in blue.

By preventing shipment problems, the dashboard can help make your inventory available for sale sooner.

How it works

The dashboard shows your performance across the various problem groups so that you can compare your key performance indicators to performance targets. It explains how we evaluate your performance based on performance coaching, and offers support to help you maintain optimal performance.

It also provides coaching resources focused on problem notification, problematic trends and their root causes, and problem prevention and solution. With the dashboard, you can do the following:

  • Monitor your current problem rate against acceptable problem rates: Problem rates are calculated by dividing the number of problematic units or shipments by the total number received over the past 120 days. The acceptable problem rate is the highest percentage of problems allowed for the problem group. Your problem rate is calculated daily and is updated when we receive a new shipment from you or identify a new problem with your shipment.
  • Review trends in your performance over the past 120 days: The graph illustrates your performance and lets you view your problem rate at the daily level. The graph includes pop-up information on problems that you’ve resolved, when we received a new shipment or found a new problem, and when your coaching level changes and why.
  • Improve discovery of individual problems and resolve outstanding problems: View and resolve the full list of outstanding problems or view previously resolved problems within specific problem groups. You can filter your search results by problem group and problem type, sorted by their key attributes.
    • ASIN and FNSKU, or Box ID: These attributes help you investigate product or box issues at a glance.
    • Suspensions: This informs you which problem group is affecting your specific ASIN or shipment creation eligibility due to multiple shipment issues without a corrective plan of action.
    • Problem quantity: This shows how many units were associated with the specific incident from the same shipment. Depending on the problem area, they can be measured by units, boxes or shipments.
  • View all problem groups: This option lets you view the performance of all defect groups beyond the top five that we prioritise for you. It allows you to evaluate performance metrics between problem groups with the option to select an individual problem group for further investigation.
  • Take time-sensitive actions: The dashboard customises the coaching information for the problem and suggests how to avoid elevated and critical levels.

View and resolve shipment issues

To access the dashboard, go to Shipment performance dashboard. You can also follow these steps in Seller Central:

  1. In the Inventory drop-down menu, select Manage FBA Inventory.
  2. Under FBA Inventory tools, click Shipping Queue.
  3. Click Shipment performance dashboard.
    • To view your performance at the problem-group level based on the default view, click the coaching cards under Top problem groups. Click Problem type to filter by problem group. To respond to outstanding problems, click Resolve in the Next steps column. To view previously resolved problems, click View details.
    • To view your overall performance across all problem groups, click View all problem groups or you can select an individual problem group to learn how you’re doing in a specific area.
    Note: Hover over key terms such Acceptable problem rate, Current problem rate and Suspensions to learn the definition of each.

Tips for using the dashboard

  • Monitor your performance at least once a week. Our system identifies issues with your shipments in real time, and the dashboard will continually update and recalculate your current problem rate.
  • Learn which are the most common problem groups and how to resolve them.
  • Respond to each outstanding problem while focusing on how your performance is trending over the past 120 days. While we recognise that one-off mistakes can happen, repeated instances indicate that corrective action is required.
  • If you believe that the coaching that you have been given is not relevant to the product in question, you can submit a dispute and explain your situation.
  • We would like to hear your feedback and suggestions as we continually enhance the Shipment performance dashboard. To provide feedback, click Tell us how we’re doing in the dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

How will the Shipment performance dashboard help me manage shipment problems?

The Shipment performance dashboard aggregates your performance across all problem groups, highlights your opportunities for improvement and alerts you about adverse trends. The dashboard allows quick access to targeted coaching content and provides in-depth information about specific problems.

Why is it important for me to monitor my performance and prevent shipment problems?

The Shipment performance dashboard is intended to help you understand what is required during receiving, and provide guidance on how to improve when problems do occur. This will allow your inventory to be received quickly and accurately, and help reduce issues such as lost or damaged inventory, customer complaints and returns. Overall, it will help you keep your account in good standing.

Why is my problem rate data not being updated even after responding to the defect notification?

Your problem rate will only be recalculated after we have received a new shipment from you. For information on how we calculate problem rates, view the How to monitor your problem rates and coaching level section of the Performance coaching help article.

How often are problem rates updated?

Your problem rate is calculated daily. However, it takes up to 48 hours for the listing to be updated in the Shipment performance dashboard. Make sure that you monitor your problem rate twice a week.

Who can access the Shipment performance dashboard?

Access to the Shipment performance dashboard is granted to the primary user of your Seller Central account. To add other users to the dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Under Settings, click User permissions.
  2. Click Add to global account next to the account that you want to change.
  3. On the Global user permissions page, tick the View only box next to Shipment performance dashboard.
  4. Click Save changes.

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