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Carton-Level Inventory Placement pilot

Note: Carton-level Inventory Placement (CLIP) is currently in pilot. Amazon will notify you when your shipments are eligible for CLIP benefits.

What is Carton-Level Inventory Placement?

Carton-level Inventory Placement (CLIP) helps improve the spread of your goods across Amazon’s Fulfilment Network, by leveraging Amazon's world-class fulfilment resources. Amazon will optimise destination decisions based on your carton-level information, helping to bring your inbounded goods closer to customers and improve the speed of fulfilment transfers.

How do I know if my shipment eligible for CLIP?

When viewing your Shipping Plan, Amazon will notify you as to whether your shipment is eligible for CLIP, based on your carton-level information. This process may take a few minutes so do not attempt to close your browser until the configuration has completed.

If your Shipment Plan has been optimised through CLIP, you will now be able to see ‘Multiple Destinations’ under the ‘Ship To’ heading. Amazon will split your shipment into multiple box groups, with each box group sharing the same final destination.

Will I need to send my shipment to multiple destinations?

Shipment via Partner Carrier

For shipments that you send to us with a Partnered Carrier, Amazon will work with the Partnered Carrier to handle your shipment, with no impact on your carrier operations and costs. Your shipping labels will show different final Fulfilment Centre destinations, allowing the Partnered Carrier to bring your goods directly to their final destination.

Shipment direct from Selling Partner

For shipments that you send to us directly, Amazon will continue to send each complete shipment, including all box groups, to one initial destination. This will be the physical address shown on the shipping labels. Your shipping labels will also show different final Fulfilment Centre destinations, allowing your goods to be placed more efficiently during the shipment process.

Will CLIP increase my shipping costs?

We will ensure that your shipping costs are unchanged, whether shipping via a Partner Carrier or direct to us. Even if you ship directly to us, by allocating the whole shipment to one location for the first stage of the shipment process, this will ensure you do not incur additional shipping fees, whilst still benefiting from CLIP.

How can I track my shipment?

To help track the breakdown of each shipment, you will to be able to view step-by-step updates from shipment creation to closure in the Shipment Events Page of each shipment.

The Shipment Events Page will now allow you to track each order by its box groups. Each box group will share a final shipment destination. This page will allow you to track all timestamps and tracking details.

Find your ‘Shipment Queue’ by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Inventory > Manage FBA Shipments
  2. Select Track Shipment
  3. Select the Summary tab
  4. Select the first tab: Shipment Events

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