Alert Regarding Seller Central


We are currently experiencing a technical error that is impacting access to all or parts of Seller Central. Our engineers are working to ensure that normal service is restored as soon as possible. (25.11. - 15:43 UTC)

Selling Partner Support does not have additional information at this time. (25.11. - 20:07 GMT)

Der Zugriff auf sämtliche Funktionen in Seller Central ist derzeit eingeschränkt. Unsere Techniker arbeiten daran, die Funktionen der Plattform schnellstmöglich wiederherzustellen.

En estos momentos, estamos experimentando problemas técnicos que afectan el acceso a Seller Central. Nuestros ingenieros están trabajando en estos momentos en la resolución de este problema.

Nous rencontrons actuellement des difficultés techniques rendant impossible l’accès à tout ou une partie de Seller Central. Nos ingénieurs travaillent actuellement au rétablissement du service dans les plus brefs délais.

Si è verificato un problema tecnico che al momento impedisce l’accesso a Seller Central. I nostri tecnici sono a lavoro per ripristinare il servizio il prima possibile.

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #2


My oh my, that is a first!
Maybe someone is actually listening for a change!


Have you tried turning it off & on again?

pinned globally #5


I just picked up my tablet (not used since 10am this morning) and it briefly showed the old seller central - I was well chuffed - until it refreshed and went back to the current page of useless boxes - oh well


Hi Jessica. Could this technical problem be affecting the advertising campaigns do you think?. I’ve had no impressions for about 3hours and just seen your post. Sent an Email but just thought I would ask you


I cant list new products or update qtys. Very frustrating. Please sort asap


Not been able to update prices today without them reverting back… so I assume this will be the reason. Thank you for the update.


I do hope any SLA breaks for today are not counted?
Im going to have some order cancellations as i cannot update my inventory.


Same here - can’t update anything in the inventory section.


Ah that makes sense then,

I had two listings I closed; and whatever I do I cannot get them back up again.


Can’t add listing or even update qty/prices. Now the fear is if they restored the data from few ago ago it might have wrong information regarding stock/price which will be disastrous !


Was doing getting a shipment ready for FBA - fortunately I checked in my inventory before finishing it off, all the items added to shipping plan but weren’t added to my inventory.


Anyone has received any new orders within last hours?


Just one - in pending at the moment


We’ve had several…


Yep. Can’t list new inventory, or get seller central to remember stock adjustments that I make. Will only be a serious problem if customers are able to buy stuff I’ve sold out of! (Eek).

Time to crack open the Tequila, and wait for it to all blow over. No point doing any work while the system is busted. Glad Amazon is aware. Hope it’s sorted quickly.


Black friday impact?


We were on a roll this morning and then everything stopped. Just had an FBA order about 8 minutes ago.