Amazon can't find delivered shipment with 3 pallets, 828Kg and 2000+ units


@PMA Nighmare mate. You jump through hoops for them. Every pallet wrapped the way they like it with labels on each face, bright single SKU labels if required, each box labelled, each item labeled with their FNSKU, book it with a carrier that then complies with their loading requirements and books it in per their procedure… and then they loose it and it’s up to you to prove you sent it.


I feel you brother, sadly it is what it is with Amazon.

For your particular case, have a look at this:

or signed packing slip if you are a manufacturer.


Got hit with the classic:

However, the invoices that you have sent do not meet invoice requirements.

I would like to inform you that Amazon requires the following documents for an investigation request:
Proof of ownership of inventory from the last 6 months.

An audit of ownership helps us to identify possible deviations.
Examples of acceptable documents include an invoice from one vendor, a receipt from another seller, or, if you are a manufacturer, a signed packing slip.

The following information must be provided:

-Purchase Date
-Product names of missing products

It must be a proper invoice.
“Commercial Invoice”, “Pro Forma Invoice”, “Sales Order” documents, delivery notes and order confirmations cannot be accepted.

There’s about 100 invoices in the pdf I sent, wish they were a bit more specific than “something’s wrong”.


Drives you daft.

I have to identify which shipments contained the products they lost and then send them the packing slips for those shipments. Given the products they lost, that is probably every shipment for the past 6 months. And this is only one of the ongoing problems I have to deal with currently regarding Amazon.


i thought i was alone,they just keep losing my stock and ask me to send proof that i sent it and that i own it…about £2000 of stock.They seem to have a new akward system that helps them to lose stuff and passes responsiblity to us.


They hold our stock,its like stock kidnap or confiscation


Check this out:

For shipments from the EU region into Great Britain of a value of GBP 4,000.00 we need also a custom document C88.

We received the same invoices as before which where not valid, so we are still awaiting valid invoices.

Once we receive this information, we will be able to continue researching this matter. We will keep this case open for two business days awaiting your response.

New hoop that needs to be jumped and now the invoices are not valid… I’m going crazy.


Well… if we were a customer… we could just raise an A-Z and they would immediately give us back the value of our shipment.


What sucks is that we’d much rather have them find the units (you know, by looking for 3 big pallets around their warehouse) than get a reimbursement.

We lose sales velocity, ranking, have to arrange the shipment again etc.

But they assume you’re lying to get the reimbursement and have to prove otherwise.


in the last two months, I have been having massive issues with missing items. It is unreal.
Never had any issues for 16 years but now it is a big concern and wondering whether using a prep centre like FBA might be better and pout an end to this. I have lost £700 that has not been reimbursed despite being received and then disappearing… Something is off and it started with this new way of sending shipments I reckon. The new way of sending to FBA was around en Aug. Issues started for me around mid September and on going. I hope they find your goods.


My pallet, which was diverted to an external storage centre without Amazon stamping the BOL (because the external storage centres do not have stamps), just turned up in stock nearly two months after it was delivered.

If your pallets have been diverted to an external storage facility, the same could happen to you.


I have stamped BOL and they’re saying it doesn’t show receipt of the 72 boxes only of 3 packages.

I’ve tried explaining that they’re 3 Pallets and that the 72 boxes are inside but they won’t budge.

This is the image they attach:

In their own image it says pallets!!!
I tried explaining a couple of times but the same guy answers saying that this is final.

Am I going insane?


It says Package type - Pallets… dimensions are 120 x 100 x 170cm and it’s stamped. WTF.

Can’t believe that !


Sadly true. This is their last response:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,
We have reviewed your account and understand that you would like to discuss your shipment further.
I know that you are disappointed with the decision. However, I have confirmed that the information you received regarding the box count on the BOL and invoices is correct, and that we are not able to address the decision any further.
I appreciate the chance to explain the situation, and also appreciate your understanding.
Please let us know how we did.
Were you satisfied with the support provided?


There is no reasoning with this. How can they think it’s correct to book in 2 units on this order that came in 3 boxes and the total weight was 828 Kg.


Hi, I have a similar problem although not with pallets. Amazon FBA have misplaced a large box of laptops all checked in then moved to a holding area and bye bye

Been asked for the invoices which I’ve done.

I wish they would sort this out as I would prefer to have the items.


Check out the latest and greatest!

I see that the Invoice that you have sent is a Factura/Proforma invoice which is not acceptable according to Amazon Policy.

They’re now rejecting my invoices (which are in Spanish because they’re manufactured in Spain) because it says Factura, which means Invoice!


Happy to say this has been solved!

I opened a new case and started fresh, sent the things again and I got the money back!

Moral of the story, just keep trying until someone reads it properly!


Great !!! Glad you got a got a good result.

Those pallets haven’t just disappeared into the ether however… I wonder what happens when they eventually turn up?


Make sure they keep £10630.95 in their bank account!