Amazon investing over $5 billion in small business success and stability during a difficult time


I just despair at the constant stream of sarcasm and negativity on these seller forums. It must be so dispiriting for the thousands of Amazon employees who work hard to deliver a good service.
Amazon has done a fantastic job in almost impossible circumstances this year. More generally, the Amazon marketplace in combination with FBA enables businesses like mine to grow much more quickly and profitably than we could hope to achieve alone.
Sure there are problems and deficiencies which need to be fixed but we’ve just had our best year by miles and it’s all down to Amazon’s truly impressive ability to upscale its global logistics capacity in the blink of an eye.
For those of you who think Amazon fees are too high, try doing everything they do for yourself and see how quickly you go bust.
So come on people, give some credit where it’s due and stop blaming Amazon for everything that goes wrong with your businesses.

Thank you Jeff Wilke and I hope all at Amazon have a very Merry Christmas!


even when it’s still showing its transit in the post and slow. but the wonderful a to z team don’t care and give the parcel and have your money back


Hahaha. Keep them coming. Truly great to read and put a smile on our faces.

We do everything ourselves and were extremely successful before selling on Amazon

Who is blaming Amazon for anything going wrong? All I see are people shocked that a multi billion dollar profit company like Amazon expects sellers to be grateful for them not putting up their seller fees for a few months. Amazon are making record profits right now. The fact they are truly doing great is largely thanks to it’s marketplace sellers who have put everything into selling including blood and sweat throughout Covid to make things work. I wasn’t joking when I suggested that maybe Amazon should be giving bonuses to it’s sellers rather than peddling a push back of increased seller fees by a few months as ‘something generous’.


Amazon, you are getting it wrong. Your sellers are telling you this, they are screaming it from the roof tops. You are NOT listening. At the moment, there is little alternative but to sell on Amazon, due to the volume of traffic you provide, do NOT confuse this with loyalty.

If you could do one thing, it would be to provide seller support based in the country of the sellers main account. This way the support team would be better placed to understand the actual issues we sellers go through. At the moment, your support team generally add to the issue rather than provide any productive help to solve it.

An alternative to Amazon will appear in time, when it does your platform will quickly empty of all the good honest sellers you have spent so much time and money bringing in. It’s quite simple to fix, just listen AND act on what your sellers are telling you daily.


I agree with a lot of sellers on here Jeff… all you need to do is read some of the forum topics, be in their shoes, its painful and soul breaking when we work so hard in providing a service, but trust me its no walk in the park, we wake up every morning wondering if Amazon has deactivated our account on the comments of some customer who does not want to wait for an item, which is genuinely delayed due to no fault of the seller, an A-Z claim from a spiteful customer where Amazon side them no matter how much evidence the seller provides that the item was delivered, the customer messages answered within the 24 hour time required, where customers return items after having used them for over 30 days… who takes the brunt for all this “THE SELLER” … we are not a multi million company, so every penny matters, again only if we are lucky enough to get a sale that is if Amazon don’t under-cut us on the products we sell, all I am saying is if you are there siding your sellers through the toughest time in the last decade, i think you need to listen to their problems, have real people who are willing to look at each case on an individual basis as opposed to copy pasting an answer, give your sellers an opportunity to give their side of the story… Don’t get me wrong Amazon is one of the biggest market places to be on, and i am sure its a real challenge to run such a massive organisation, but please look at a sellers circumstances before taking any abrupt decisions. Scammers are getting away with murder, where as genuine sellers are getting their businesses shut shut down due to no fault of their own except that they were not helped and listened to. I have to apologise for the rant and for talking on behalf of a lot of people on here, but this is my personal view and again I apologise if others think otherwise.


Well said!!
The only thing I disagree with in your comments is the supply of “seller help” in our own country. I seriously doubt that amazon have any interest in helping sellers no matter where they are based. Until amazon recognise that we are their clients in the same way buyers are then things will not change.


This forum is funny. It’s the place where people come to cry to each other. The boss doesn’t read your stuff, grow up. If they would follow all your kind suggestions, they’d never become that profitable.


You insult the sellers on the forum but you still came here for help when you needed so a bit two faced


A company learns nothing from positive feedback, you only learn byb listening to what is wrong, the pain points, bottle necks etc. This is business 101, you really should know this.


You are missing the point, good sellers should be valued as they aid Amazons growth as well as their own. Its simply business sense .


You seem to have completely changed your opinion about amazon ! Look at some of your previous posts


erm, and what was my previous opinion, Inspector?


It would be good if you (Jeff wilke) were to come back on this forum and discuss some of the points raised here by sellers


You better start speaking to Dave Clark, if you really think they care. You cared to read my previous posts but couldn’t bother to know that Jeff is retiring?


If you just click on your photo you can read them for yourself


that doesn’t make sense, as I never changed my mind about how amazon deals with sellers. No idea which posts you are referring to.


Sarcasm is something unknown to you, right? I am not insulting anyone here nor looking for help either.


Fully support these comments.
As a past business manager and then management consultant, I am astounded at how little attention Amazon gives to these basic needs. Your investment should be made in these areas.


As Oscar WIlde said sarcasm is the lowest kind of wit but your not funny so don’t give up your day job and read your previous posting and you have changed your opinions plus you came to the forums when you needed the sellers help who you have insulted


Oscar actually said “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence". Anyway, whatever makes you happy… I do not have a day job by the way.