ASIN is a prohibited dangerous good (hazmat) and cannot be fulfilled or returned by Amazon. Existing inventory needs to be destroyed


I’ve had sofa cushions pending hazmat investigations for 3 weeks in the past, Amazon are a bizarre entity.


Im afraid this is all too familiar to me - This is pretty normal from Amazon to allow you to send your ASINs in THEN place it under review - What you probably did was upload the paperwork in advance but they hadnt asked for it so think its passed but its not unheard of them to ask for the paperwork and put the ASIN back under review a month later (new staff, who knows the workings of Amazon) - its a very strange system as sometimes it does ask for the paperwork and on some ASINS only once they have hit the warehouse but the real clincher here is THEY WILL NOT ALLOW you to create a removal - so even though they allowed you to send in your goods they just change the rules/minds/ask for paperwork retrospective and say tough, you have to destroy your units or provide paperwork and you have to be a mind reader to know what paperwork they want/format so you cant even think your organised in advance as they patronise you saying its your responsibility but in my case its not even compulsory just an Amazon thing they want to enforce, its a tough one to get your head around but in the past this wasnt a problem as I sent in Exemption forms but after FBA 5yrs (sending oils)they did this to me…
every year ish they would put random ASINS into hazmat review but all fine with exemption sheets then they changed the rules wanting signed declarations from me - all fine again Then again I get another hazmat review but now they demand the SDS sheets with no warning or advance (which are not compulsory for cosmetic goods so didnt have them) but this falls on deaf ears - I open case after case trying to get some sense from them and finally get to Compliance I pointed out why they had passed other ASINS in the past but now not these - so they then pulled them into review too…So wrote to Jeff (exec sales team) and no reply for over a month so I just destroyed my stock and cut my loses - I lost hundreds of pounds but I quickly pulled all remaining units at my cost out of FBA - Then over a month later Cintia in the sales exec team replied to ONE asin (I had about 23 pulled) asking me to sign this declaration!! - I was pulling my hair out that this is the only response (and I emailed a few times) and that I had already destroyed 22 other ASINS and approx 100 units sat in stranded - I told her to forget it I shouldnt have to go through this for every ASIN and wait over a month and no doubt get conflicting info again in a few months when happens again as it seems to be doing…Cut my losses and left FBA - it was a very traumatic time as I had sent in double for xmas but Im afraid the bottom line is that Amazon dont play fair - they change the rules and expect you to adhere with no warning and this was a big learning curve with Amazon after 5yrs in FBA just lost 1/3 of my stock…nothing you can do Im afraid SS are useless and even if they do pass it this time my advice to you is only send in a few at a time as they will check again and you have to go through it all again…Good luck


Mark - I know the scene very well. Can’t figure out what that has to do with shortening the word regards though…? Please enlighten!


Bertie there are loads of carriers that will move DG. Even DPD UPS. Unless your items are really odd?


I’d not long watched the film length one of the boys outing to Margate and then saw your ‘shortening’ of Regards to Regs and it just reminded me of the yuppie era (which I was around for) and in some strange way ‘in my head’ there was a link between the filofax (saving effort?) and your shortening of Regards. It just seemed a bit pointless. Nothing personal, it did make me laugh though.


Thank you for that information. I’ll probably stop using FBA as well in this point. Lost few hundreds pounds now too. All the best.


yes Im sure if they were taken to court they would lose as technically its still our property they have destroyed but they know we wont as we would lose our accounts - I see Amazon differently after this latest event - I refuse to buy from them now too (and I spend hundreds on business stationary etc) - Just disgusting how they treat sellers AND then the customer service is pointless just copy paste bots so you cant even get any sense - whole lot less stressful out of FBA - When this happened to me I put a post up about 2months ago and someone replied saying they £17k so its not just small change for some sellers who send in pallets of units in


Nothing odd Roger, quite niche, some are aerosol. We are looking to ship in boxes of around 14KG through Amazon discounted carrier UPS it cost under £4. I assume it is going to be around at least £10 if they are HAZMAT ? I can’t seem to get any carrier to make sense. UPS - I’m still waiting for a call back and I am constantly chasing, also DPD have asked for MDSD sheets to see if they can carry. I would just send it in on a pay on collection but I am unsure of the legal requirements regarding the box warning etc !!

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