Book sales for the last 7 days


Yeah I should’ve twigged that. They’ve basically “limited” my storage to 3x what I currently use.


I have been discovering the images of several books have morphed into clothing or shoes - titles remain the same, and product details but the image changed.
Why would anyone even bother to do that as their clothing or shoes will never be found on a search as the title is the correct one for the book ??!! - and how do they circumvent the incorrect product details.
I have a fairly collectible VHS that is listed with the correct barcode but now has the image of a pair of children sandals


These are unscrupulous sellers hijacking other product detail pages in other categories often in Books (BMVD) to not only to bypass free returns in shoes and clothing but so not to be charged a refund fee, as Amazon retains 20% of the original order-related fees, up to a maximum of £5, for each item in the refund for all non-BMVD products.


Yes, but what I cannot get my head round is how they do it ? - when we have to jump through many hoops to get something corrected, or a poor photo changed to meet their image guidelines.
I realise these are unscrupulous sellers, but they must be somehow managing to by-pass Amazon’s requirements. :rage:


Good example here:


This was the answer from SS to my query about this daftness:
“In this regard , I would like to inform you that their is the same product detail page for all products. As per relevance and need of the product the ASIN category, description and details or other attributes much more information is asked when required.So all the attribute information is added in product detail page as multiple sellers sell the same product through a single detail page, we combine and present the best product data to ensure customers get the best experience.”
They do not seem to understand that the ASIN is in fact an ISBN, and as such there can be no variation in the essential details. Still less do they understand that a book does not have a neck or sleeve, & doesn’t need a recommendation from or for a breed.
And ‘that their is’ does not fill you with confidence


Haha, was going to comment on that before I had read to the end - one of my pet hates there/their (and lots of other similar spelling/grammatical errors too).
What an absolute load of gobbledegook and guff !


An example here of the malign influence of dropshippers and why some books will probably never sell on Amazon.

Looking up a certain book via author/title search, this was the only match:

An obvious overpriced dupe.

The original is here, but it’s almost impossible to find without knowing the ISBN:

just one random example amongst millions.

All of this makes a lie of Amazon’s commitment to low prices and quality service.


Another apparent glitch - the Amazon buying app on my phone no longer gives exact matches, even when using the barcode scanner.

It now seems to use the words in the title of the scanned barcode to give you a load of near (and far) matches based on keyword search, in every department except books…!


Another one here:
Single search result for ‘Konner trouble’ and it’s a bogus duplicate, of course:

‘Hidden’ original

Given that the dupes in these examples are wildly overpriced and also lacking images and other details…why do they get prominence in search results?

I could go on all day with similar examples but it would be nice to hear from a mod how/why this happens.

With the ‘merge’ function apparently now out-of-action, how are we supposed to tidy the catalogue?

If Amazon’s official position is that it’s fine with certain sellers listing millions of overpriced, poorly duplicated bogus/redundant ASINs, it would be nice to have a mod place it on the record…:butterfly::elephant:


Yes, yes and yes.
Can a mod shed any light on this, PLEASE ?


I have vinyl records suppressed because I haven’t specified a colour and Amazon won’t alter it. Interestingly they are still showing as live on the product page even though supposedly suppressed in the inventory. Absolutely bonkers!


We have BOOKS (paperback fiction) it wants hair colour and hair extension lengths…Just when you thought that Amazon could not get any worse…


Amazon wants to know the material the wheel is made of and the handle height.of one of my books on offer. It’s a book on the Urban Age and I think I know why - a bot has picked up on its ranking in ‘Scooters’.

  • #1029 in [Urban & Land Use Planning
  • #2472 in [Scooters]
  • #967 in [Urban & Rural Planning]


This is just plain insane.


Am I imagining it or has the link to the Listing Quality Dashboard disappeared this morning? Wasn’t it next to Reports, Performance, Apps & Services on the far right of the tool bar (?) at the top of the home page? with a ‘New’ tag in yellow beside it.
If so does that suggest that so many people have found problems with it and complained that Amazon have shelved it, even temporarily? If only they would do that with all the other pointless and ill-conceived ‘innovations’ they keep foisting on us. Fingers crossed!


On another thread

I found this useful link

I wonder if it’s been flooded with complaints!!


Yes, let’s hope that is the case - it was absolutely pointless.


I have the exact same problem. Last two weeks sales are all but non existent. I have been repricing like there is no tomorrow, to no avail. Maybe buyers are relaxing abroad!


I dont think its anything to do with buyers not being there. I am absolutely certain its something that Amazon has done to decrease the visibilty of our books. I am only a small seller. I was averaging about 5 sales a week this year. Nothing at all for 2 weeks and only 1 sale in the 2 weeks before that. The cessation of sales corresponds with the changes Amazon made to the listings pages but I cannot see how this would affect sales. I think it is quite likely , however, that Amazon made other changes at the same time that affected our visiblity.