Can anyone recommend a B2B SEPA Euro Bank Account?


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Lloyds Bank do B2B SEPA DD. However the French authorities are having issues with their mandate processing and the payment keeps getting rejected. It would appear that the French Authorities need to sort their systems out.


Lloyds have the same parameters as all the other UK banks. More than 2mil in turnover and 10+ employees.

There’s no working solution right now


With no workable solution in sight, is anyone interested in joining forces to work together to try to resolve this issue?

I am wondering whether perhaps as a group of sellers, we could approach some or all of banks, FX companies, Amazon, MEPs and the French tax authority to raise our concerns.

If you’re affected by this and interested in finding a solution together, please do post a reply.


My understanding is that France say they require a SEPA B2B Direct Debit, but are currently only fining non-SEPA payments. This means a SEPA Credit Transfer currently does not receive a penalty.

As a longer-term solution it would be helpful if a bank or EMI (like Transferwise, Revolut or WorldFirst) could allow SEPA B2B DD on their accounts without a €2m turnover requirement.


Thanks BarryM

I just checked with WorldFirst - apparently their payments to France are “SEPA” which I assume means SEPA Credit Transfer.

Regarding SEPA B2B Direct Debit, apparently they are looking into it for the future.


After a long battle, I managed to get the SEPA B2B Direct Debit set up with Barclays.

There is a 2 million EUR / 10 Staff clause, I’ll offer no advice and leave it up to each business to decide what they want to do with the form.

The form can be downloaded at the link below, only works with adobe. You have to re-select the UK Business banking box for the additional 4 pages to load. It needs to be submitted to your relationship manager.

SEPA B2B - only works with adobe


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My name is also Oleg, and I’m also seller from Latvia using the Amazon FBA system. Would be good to make same meeting and discuss various topics about the Amazon FBA.

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