EU EORI number for Brexit



It is now definite that anyone selling on PAN-EU will need an EU EORI number to continue to sell in Europe after the transition period comes to an end on 31st December.

Has anyone found how to do this yet? The only ways seem to be to have a business address within the EU, or to pay a fiscal representative (e.g. I’ve seen someone on here say that his tax advisor said that to do this via Poland is €5000 - I’m not sure if this is a one off, or annual fee).

Also, some of my products are assembled in the UK. Does anyone know how much it costs to ship pallets from the UK to the EU? I am trying to work out if it is worth me continuing with EU sales even though they make up around 1/3 to 1/4 of my sales.

Thanks, Damian


Thats not quite how I read it, we don’t need one at present but will do from 1st Jan 21 if we wish to move goods from the UK into the EU, this will be a GB EORI which can be obtained from website

Moving goods within EU member states will not require an EORI unless the goods are moved outside of the EU (not within EU member states) ?

So to move goods from say Germany to UK would need the EU EORI but not within the Internal EU market.


Hi as mentioned above is spot on, we needed to apply due to where we were importing and exporting from originally but just applied on straight forward enough.


Out of curiosity, if I sell an item, say a book on a website I own and I have a sale where the shipping address is in the EU. Do I need EU EORI of would a customs declaration as required to current non EU states suffice?


As far as I’m aware if it’s not a “GIFT” so if the item is not marked “Gift” on a customs label they can pull it and it needs to be traceable for any customs tax.
We only applied after we were advised by FedEx when we were moving goods from India to UK, they told us a little about it and I just applied it’s free its simple.
My knowledge is very slim on it but my advice get it because it costs nothing does not need renewing then if you ever have to ship anything and it pops up asking for it you just pop it in.


If your shop is based in the UK (point of sale) then you treat it as you would for an order to USA, Canada etc, and apply the normal customs label as the buyer will be the importer and responsible for any duties/taxes on delivery.

Unless of course, some last minute deal changes things, but I would think even with free trade agreements with any Country, a customs form would still be necessary?


Yea as far as I’m aware your spot on.

I can also see once we out of the EU having issues with customs we have had items get stuck for weeks and that’s before pandemic.


We must have sad lives as there is about 5 of us always on here this time of night lol


Yes, likely in the first 3 months, teething issues may well see a backlog with customs delays?


As I understand it, our GB EORI numbers will not be valid in the EU from 1st Jan next year. So if I’m sending my goods from China to an EU fulfillment centre (or to the UK and then to an EU fulfillment centre), I’ll need to complete a customs declaration when the goods are imported into the EU, and for this I’ll need an EU EORI number.

This is the section which very briefly alludes to this on the .gov website link from above:

“You’ll need an EU EORI number if your business will be making customs declarations or getting a customs decision in the EU. Get this from the customs authority in the EU country where you submit your first declaration or request your first decision.”

I sincerely hope I’m wrong about this, as getting an EU EORI number seems to be a pain.


Here’s the European Guidance on this:


Hi yea your probably right as a UK EORI number will allow import and export in and out the UK.

But China to EU is a whole new ball game but then this may become something your freight handler may be able to sort, the thought of a manufacturer sending goods straight to a centre makes me anxious but a lot of people do it


After Jan 1st, China to EU will be exactly the same as UK to EU won’t it? Outside the customs union.


Will have a read tomorrow thanks


But if exporting from the UK to the EU, then won’t you need a UK EORI for export and an EU EORI for import?


Yes, that’s how I understand it.


Yes you will need it for import and export out of UK previous it was just for outside the EU


Sending the goods directly to a fulfillment centre makes me anxious too. The alternative is to try and find a warehouse within the EU which can send them to the centre as and when required. I hate the idea of not being able to easily go and check on a shipment before sending it to Amazon, especially if it’s a new product line, from a new factory etc.

It would be easier if I continued storing my stuff in the UK and then sending to the EU as and when required but this means paying for shipment from China to the UK and then from UK to EU with customs declarations every time I do.

Does anyone currently send pallets from the UK to an EU Amazon fulfillment centre? How much does this cost per pallet?


Damian was asking about getting an EU EORI, yet the advice on this thread has been unhelpful at best.

@The_Pink_Panther said only a UK EORI is needed to move goods from the UK to the EU, which doesn’t appear to be the case since a UK EORI will no longer be an EU EORI. Then a lot of the other advice has been rambling nonsense only vaguely related to the question.

The quality of the posts on here has declined rapidly recently.


The cost of shipping a pallet from the UK to EU FCs varies massively depending on the destination and any agreements with shipping companies. I saw someone mention on here recently that shipments to DE were about €100 per pallet, but if Amazon want you to send it to PL or CZ it jumps to €300 per pallet. I’d expect France to be around €100-120, with Spain and Italy being more towards the €300 mark.