EU EORI number for Brexit


Thanks GMonline, I hadn’t thought of that.


Hi, Chris from Tide Global should be able to help answer any queries you have regarding global storage and shipping including FBA import/export.

He is a friendly approachable businessman in Essex, his website is:

We have worked with him quite closely hence I can recommend him if you want to send him an email I am sure he will give you some advice and possibly even costings for shipping pallets from UK to EU.

Good luck with it all.


But then you’d claim back the UK import VAT due to a zero rated export, then the EU import VAT would be reclaimed as usual. It might still mean paying import duties twice, depending on the product’s HS code.


hi Omar

This is very useful information. Do you have a Belgium VAt number? (I don’t have one, and wonder if this was a requirement), - I only have VAT number in the Pan Eu countries, and wondered if I had to try to get the EU EORI from there.


Unless the delivery is to a UK freeport with no duties/taxes, for onward shipment to EU, then only what is then delivered to the UK address would attract normal import duties and taxes at the point of exit, the onward shipment to the EU would only attract EU duties/taxes @ EU Counrty of destination rates.



No I don’t have a Belgium VAT number, and no intention of applying for a VAT number there.




Thanks for this, I will contact him. This is now sounding doable. I’m keen to continue selling into the EU because I don’t like having all my eggs in one basket and my sales there have been gradually building up.


The HS code of the stuff I sell is fairly low at the moment, hopefully it’ll stay that way. So long as the shipping isn’t too expensive, I may actually end up being be better off due to not paying the 89p PAN-EU surcharge for my UK oversize stuff.


Thanks, (I have no need for a Belgium number either, but just wanted to check before I tried to apply)



It all seems very clear, but…

The form includes the statements “The aforementioned intends to carry out customs operations in Belgium after Brexit and therefore applies for EORI registration in Belgium.” and " After Brexit, this person wishes to carry out customs operations in Belgium."

Not professing to be an expert here, but could this really be said to be true of those continuing with Pan-EU and maybe shipping from UK to France/Germany or direct to main European ports (Germany, etc.)?

Appreciate @320_Coal position may be specific.


Oh no. Maybe not the easy solution I was hoping for.


I see your but…Can you be registered in Belguim if your EU first port of entry is France?

Importers established outside the EU will be assigned an EORI the first time they lodge:

_ a customs declaration_
_ an entry summary declaration (ENS)_
_ an exit summary declaration (EXS)_

It must be lodged at the first customs office of entry to the EU by the carrier of the goods


I am not sure how strict they will be with that, but all documents says you should register in the country where you first make a declaration.

We do make declarations in Belgium, so should be okay. Otherwise, I would probably just send a test package to do first clearance in Belgium, then the EORI would be active throughout the EU.

If the process for getting an EORI in another country is not costly or hard, then that would be the better option. I just wasn’t getting anywhere when trying the pan EU countries.


So if we get a Belgium EORI, so you import goods into EU countries after brexit?

Just some throughts, come post brexit will it be easy sending stock into France fulfilment centre’s from the UK to almost continue PAN-EU? also how will you get the option to send to a France FBA Centre, as you normally don’t have a choice in the UK?



Send the stock to the French marketplace.


Hi Barry,

Will we have a choice to send stock to France?

How will we set the setting to do so?

Thank you!


Go into the French marketplace from the drop down list at the top of Seller Central, then send/replenish inventory as usual…


and that will then become fully pan eu stock?

also barry are you using pan-eu?


Yes, because it’s been sent to a PanEU marketplace. In the process of signing up for it, because in the long-term it seems like the most beneficial thing to do - if I can get the Polish issues sorted.


Great to hear, which polish issues are you referring to?