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Despite constantly opening cases only to have them closed and marked as answered plus numerous telephone conversations we are unable to get the issue outlined below resolved. This issue was first reported on the 18th March.

We are the creator of ASIN: B00JIO5Z04, created in 2014.

Someone has changed the EAN, title, description, category, images and added their brand
which is registered with Amazon Brand Registry and therefore we or seller
support are unable to edit the listing.

If you look at the product page you can see the 462 reviews are for an
emergency torch and bear no relation to a nose hair trimmer, the product
URL also clearly shows it is our product.

Find attached an image from the web archive showing the product URL as it
was before someone changed it, also attached the listing as it is now.3in1 torch

Seller support suggested we re-list the product with a new ASIN, if we do
this we lose the 462 reviews, in addition we have 1,200 pieces of product
labeled and ready to ship to the Amazons fulfillment centre.amazon listing


From the notice which you received, it looks like Amazon issued you a Policy Violation after you reported what happened. They often punish the wrong seller in error.

At this point, I am afraid it will be very difficult for you to have this fixed, as you are now blocked from selling the product.

I can only advise you to e-mail the Managing Director at managingdirector@amazon.co.uk with screenshots showing the unauthorised changes made and hopefully they will take action.


hi we have had this problem numerous times in the past, keep banging on the Amazon door or better still phone them until you speak to someone with half a brain then they will see what’s happened and block the person who messed with your listing :slight_smile:


Thanks I have emailed.


I have been opening cases and phoning constantly since 18th March and I am just going round in circles, rather than the issue being resolved I have received 9 Policy Violation notices.


I notice you’re selling under your own brand name, but you aren’t using brand registry? It gives you a lot more ‘ownership’ of the listing.

More than that, it looks like the other seller IS using BR as it’s saying you need approval to sell their brand. It may explain why you’re the one getting policy violations as amazon thinks you’ve created the listing with incorrect information.

Are you using your own GS1 licensed EAN/GTINs? If not, why not?
Again this gives you a reference point as you can point support directly to the GS1 lookup page showing your company name and product name associated with the ID, proving that the other seller is in the wrong.

Edit: Just to say, I’ve had seller support claim that once an EAN is associated with an ASIN it can’t be removed (when other sellers have created listings with our EANs). This should give you a very strong argument to prove the other seller is in the wrong as they may not have been able to change it, even with brand registry.


We are using our own GS1 licensed EAN/GTINs.

They have changed the EAN and it is registered to them


Sorry to hear they’ve even been able to change the EAN… this is a full blown hijacking!!

You’ve probably already been there, but have you tried the report listing abuse side of seller supprt?


I have been opening cases and phoning constantly since 18th March and I am just going round in circles, rather than the issue being resolved I have received 9 Policy Violation notices.


What do the Amazon searches find when you use your EAN in the search? I mean both the add new Listing and searching as a buyer.

If this links to the Nose Trimmer ASIN then you have proof that your EAN was originally there.

If you do have to create a new ASIN you can have all the Reviews, prior to the Major change date, moved to your new ASIN.

The Brand Registry process is a complete dog’s dinner (and worse) - I have again (3 times now) been told I should register the Brand I have issues with Re Title etc and been told there can be multiple sellers Registered for the same Brand. I have asked how this works as Brand Registry is supposed to protect a Trademark and only one Seller can trademark a Brand. I am still waiting for an answer.


Thanks for the information, I do not know the original EAN, we have a thousand numbers and the most of the ones we have used have the product details, but it seems it was not the case with this product.


another thing we do is let Amazon see the history of the sales, this proves who owns the EAN and they can see the original listing, works for us every time


Thanks I will try this


OK tried this and was asked to contact listings-evaluation@amazon.co.uk which I have done before, the only response I get is a listing violation notice.


Still not been able to resolve this at all. After 5 years of hard work to get over 400 product reviews, we have had to start over again and our sales have dramatically dropped as a result, threatening the longevity of our business. Devastating and exhausting

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