FBA Fees seem massively high


Ah ok great thanks for info will look into that now…


Ah I think I did that but now I am not 100% but there was lots of verifications I did.


Yes lots of hoops to jump through !
Individual sellers show passport or driving licence, utility bill and bank statements
Ltd company show those as well as articles of association, statutes etc


Yes sent the passport etc but not the others… Cant see where I can do it on my settings


You can’t, you need to call seller support and ask them to reopen the legal entity section of your account


Ahh ok thats why then. Thanks for the info… Do you sell products? or do you work for amazon? Only ask as you are very clued up on it.


No I’m just a seller too…


Ahh nice… Well thank you for the help you give me… Have you got many products?


I resell from uk suppliers - I don’t ship in any PL goods


Please don’t take it the wrong way, not ranting about your product, I spoke about the USP that you’re product will have. Just meerly pointing out about the saturation in the market and a lot of “cheap” code readers out there.


We’re all in this together at the end of the day. Unfortunately sometimes we can also use these forums to vent (unintentionally aimed at you specifically @JCO_International_Lt)


Don’t worry I don’t care to be fair… all good but thanks for your input. Like I said I appreciate everyones help so thanks.


Do you do this fulltime?


I do, but I have been doing it 14 years and lots has changed over that time


Yes I bet but amazon must have helped your business I should think anyway…Do you sell lots of products?


It has yes. We have over 500 lines , but lots of competition nowadays…