Have Amazon changed Re-imbursement Policy



Having a problem with re-imbursements on lost items and Amazon have seemed to change the criteria for how they decide re-imbursement. Has anyone else encountered this?

It used to be Re-imbursement equals my average selling price minus fees and VAT (I sell FBA)

They are now telling me its the average selling price of ALL merchants minus fees and VAT, even the FBM merchants.

This seems utterly ridiculous as I am now out of pocket for the lost items, I have provided invoices which get ignored.

Countless arguments with the robots at SS have got nowhere.

Anyone encountered this issue?


Yes, Amazon take into consideration

Your sales history

The average FBA selling price on Amazon

The sales history of the specific ASIN

Fba reimbursements lost and damaged

You can request a re-evaluation of the reimbursement but may be asked to provide a receipt or invoice.


I have requested numerous times (with invoice) but they ignore me

Ive ended up with a re-imbursement of 11pence of an item that costs me 1.45

Any help on how to get this increased?


Having the same issue on a reimbursement. Amazon seem to be just reimbursing all my items at the same value regardless of what it is despite there being transaction history on ASIN or parent ASIN on which to base a value.

One item they were more than happy to adjust without any further info providing an extra £70 after challenging their value.

On another won’t even revalue it to remove the VAT deduction - despite being clearly a product which isn’t VATable. To locate the invoice from the brand owner will likely take several hours time as we receive hundreds a year from each brand and sometime 30 pages long - these wouldn’t be NOOS items either so will only appear on one invoice. They even said to cover the prices on the invoice - so why bother asking for them. They later then said they need the pricing information.

Have informed them if the variance isn’t reimbursed to my account in the next 24 hrs then I will simply file a small claim for the £14.23. Two small claims filed against Amazon in two days would be a new record for me.

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