Heads up folks - UPS


they take paypal if I remember correctly… ours is a credit account



Thank you.

Unfortunately that’s not working for me. It is still saying the collection isn’t free after I enter the tracking number which is fine but then it doesn’t let me continue.


Just got this from Seller Support:-

We understand that you are concerned about the UPS collection charges.

Please be informed that you should not pay the additional fee, please recreate a shipment if it is too late to void.

Seller communications will be out on this week with instruction to reimburse the affected shipment.


I do that all the time with no problems…


I’ve just started all again with a shipment and it’s worked! :slight_smile:


Using an old collection tracking number works fine even if the previous reference has been used.
Done this multiple times with no issues.


I’m going to do this - is it ultimately problem free… I was worried about duplicating a shipment number and leaving it in there.


It seems okay again now - this is definitely a glitch so don’t pay …
If ness use the previous tracking code option outlined above.

My first 3 boxes had new tracking numbers… since we’ve all got on forums it appears to have corrected and the next 4 have the old 1ZA1Y… prefix and so I’ve bundled them all together instead of booking in separately and UPS have just allowed it in the usual non payment manner.

Hopefully this glitch will be resolved completely soon.


This happened to me the other day. I paid the £2.75 and the driver thought it was odd too. Will watch out for next time.


You can go on the UPS website and book a collection for £2.40. They will take whatever UPS parcels you have as they are not paid per parcel like most courier companies these days.


I had this too when I tried to schedule a collection on UPS without signing in. When I signed into the account the same number allowed free collection.


We have had smalll issues last night. The shipping was deleted and after that we build the new shipment again with out any issues.


I’ve done that and it was fine


This happened to me yesterday. I got charged £2.40 for collection. Must be a bug, I hope they fix it soon.


I have found a workaround which has worked on two occasions:

If I get the glitch I will create an extra shipment with a single box for simplicity. Often I find that this will generate a 1ZA code (who knows why). I can then book collection for free. This has worked twice in the last week now.

The UPS team locally are very helpful in collecting extra parcels. The UPS form I use does ask how many boxes/weight, so you can pre warn UPS of your volumes regardless of the glitch.

Hopefully that might help someone else.


… but the more people that “put up” with it will create a POV that us sellers are fine with it and then a £4 box costs £6. Add in an annual price riase and before long were going to paying £10.

This is why it’s important to resolve the issue first. Amazon soon act when thier daily reports show 20%, 50% less inbound shipments.


I had this problem last week and again this week and spoke with amazon who say they are working on resolving the issue. I just tried replacing the IZ59 with the IZA1 and then using the rest of the tracking number but it didn’t work. Then tried using an older shipment tracking number with IZA1 prefix and this works, but won’t that get complicated when it gets to amazon and it’s a duplicate tracking number and also the contents ? wondered if you could use and old tracking number but use the FBA box label from the new shipment with the IZ59 label? all sounds very complicated and stressful… ??


I got around this by putting an old UPS tracking number into the UPS system along with the new tracking number. It then gave me a free collection.

Further down I still only put 1 parcel and the correct weight and only used the new label. All went smoothly with UPS. This was collected yesterday.


This is a balance act… how much stock you got left in FC; how much room the parcels are taking up room and impacting your operation and how long this issue is taking to resolve; plus your time wasted in trying to get it sorted + may be extra bottle or crate of Vodka to take out your frustration.

Certainly Amazon should sort out this issue; however as a business decision based on different factors that you take into account; the £2 charge for collection might be very insignificant to your bottom line. and well being.


Exactly the same for me £2.75 and would only allow me to pay cash to the driver. The driver was as confused as I was.