Help Please Your Seller account has been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement


@North_East_Stock_Cl1 - the appeal option looks like it’s probably going to be your only option if there is nothing else you can think of


Did you get permission for two accounts (you and your wife) and are you both selling in the same categories?


Have you any authorised users on your account? An employee maybe?.

I have honestly never known Amazon to be proved wrong on this. It’s often some link you would never expect like an abandoned attempt to open another account - are you a user on someone else’s account maybe?


no employes just me - i do use the same email for ebay though…


we don’t have to, because the stores have different addresses and bank accounts. We may be in the same category, but we have completely different products.
We also use different PCs


Another evasive response, which will not fly with Amazon in any appeal, I asked if you are aware of these other accounts, if not, why not just say so?


@SoulSlices if amazon was to find out the chances are you would be suspended from my experience - you have a vested interest in both accounts and to be honest you probably should just to be on the safe side.
You say using different pcs but these will still be showing same IP I’m surprised it has not picked it up before, etsy is no we’re near as good as amazon’s systems in my opinion but it got mine and my partners took a while to figure out what the issue was


I am sorry , i am not aware of any other seller accounts that myself and my family have.

i have a amazon buyers account so do my children…


If you believe it’s ok for both you and your wife to have accounts selling the same sort of items- don’t you think it’s an odd coincidence that both your accounts have been suspended at the same time?


It could just be you have clicked sell on amazon at some point but if you genuinely don’t know the only thing you can do is appeal.


Well, Amazon have somehow linked you both and appear to have an issue with one, or both accounts?


We got married this year in January, I had my shop first, when we met, my wife (then just a friend with different last names) opened her shop.

You think that both shops we had before we got married are now closed because we are married?

That’s crazy :confused:


@SoulSlices amazon don’t no that you have been married etc. If they see anything that links it could trigger it.


I open a case tomorrow or call Amazon,
maybe we can figure out what the exact problem is.


Same here. Nightmare. Just wiped out half of our business in an instant.

I have just responded to everything with “Please help” as no idea what the problem is. Amazon customer services are gonna have a busy day tomorrow.


but we need to appeal. i have never had to do one before dont know were to start . i was hoping for some kind seller who had been through this mess before to give me some kind advice etc…


So, apart from your family, who have never had selling a/c’s, you are not aware of any other accounts owned by others, if that’s the case, then Amazon can’t have any valid links between you and any other account, so your only appeal is as previously advised…


I have to agree as the only thing that i can honestly think of is i have moved house and changed address. otherwise never changed or duplicated anything…


It’s then possible the changed address is the issue, if the previous resident had a selling account on Amazon, a point worth mention in your appeal?


thank you for your advise it has been very helpful.

i just need a clear head now to figure how to start the appeal and to fraze it properly…

any help anyone please …