Help Please Your Seller account has been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement


Started with XXX --What “XXX” mean here? Can you tell us?


Amazon will give you the first 3 letters of the other account name you have been connected with.


well received this back from my appeal :-

Dear Seller,

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time. To reactivate your account, please take one of the following actions:

  1. Reactivated any and all accounts that have been enforced for policy violation by submitting one appeal for each enforcement. Please follow the instructions in the communication received for that account or by signing into your Seller Central account.


  1. Substantiated claims that you once owned the account or had account rights but no longer own it or no longer have account rights by providing supporting documentation. This includes but is not limited to sales deed, purchase agreement, business transfer agreement, contract termination, etc.


  1. Confirmed that you have never owned a separate account and believe this deactivation was in error. If we cannot substantiate the claim, your account will not be reinstated and this account will not be allowed to do business on Amazon in the future.

How do I send the required information?

Please click on the View Appeal button on the Account Health dashboard ( and submit additional information as requested.

What happens if I do not send the requested information?

If we do not receive the requested information within 90 days of the original notification, your account will remain deactivated.

We’re here to help

If you have questions about our Multiple Account Policy or information requested above, please read our “Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct" (

Additionally, please review general guidance for creating a plan of action (

You can view your account performance at ( or select Account Health on the home screen of the Amazon Seller app on your iOS or Android device. The Account Health dashboard shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon.

– iOS App (

– Android App (

Seller Performance Team

what do i do now? any help please


I did say this would likely be Amazon’s response…

This is what you need to do to appeal, but I’m not clear on the best wording you should use to make the statement, perhaps others can advice on suggestions.


Any Advice would really be helpful …thank you


The exact same answer with the same words.
So they answer us with standard mail, we don’t even deserve an explanation
I am desperate


Seems strange to me that my And Accounts are deactivated for the same reason…
but the others are ok so i started goggling to find something that may help and come across this…
it looks like maybe you after appeal all accounts that are deactivated not just the uk one…

This is a lengthy explanation. Summary: you have to comply with each and every region’s requirements before you will be reinstated.

Explanation: I had the same problem since January, 2020. You are likely suspended because you have not finished the registration documents for specific markets. Each region requires different - or possibly duplicate - information from you. Just sending it in for the USA market does not mean that it has been transferred to the Global sites. That’s the rub. You have to toggle down on the various seller accounts that you have, open that market (ie , and then go to Performance Notifications. There, you will go to see your performance notifications for each of the countries or market areas, and you should be able to see which ones are missing documents. Then, submit the documents through their appeal button.

When I signed up for Amazon seller accounts, I just checked the global accounts, erroneously thinking that I could just open these up contemporaneously and without issue. The problem created by this is that there is no mention in any emails submitted by that the suspension is related to the global accounts being the related accounts, and not some other account. I was suspended immediately for “related accounts” and no one from Amazon would tell me what related accounts meant. That was the biggest reason for the issue. The first person I spoke with suggested that I had other seller accounts that I did not disclose. Then, another said that it could have been due to others having the same office address as I have. Thus, I spent time trying to demonstrate never opened up and account, and that if there were accounts they would have been from others with the same office address.
It took four months and a helpful rep to finally explain it was the global account issue, and that I had to look and see what documentation each and every global account requires.

Please note that there is another catch. You cannot just close the global accounts in order to become compliant and have your account opened. You need to individually comply with each account’s requirements and submit that documentation; get an active account; and then close the account (if that’s what you want to do). You must submit this through the Appeal button, not through another method. As an aside, I was able to close all of the European accounts the same day I submitted the information, but I have had to submit my information to Japan (I am on my third submission of the same documents).

I realize that this is a lengthy response, but I am attempting to provide some detailed guidance so that others may be able to save themselves some time and frustration.

Bottom line: You must comply with each regions’ requirements, submit everything through the “appeal button”, which is at the end of the performance notification for a region, and then once you have been reinstated for a region, appeal again, and you should be reinstated.


My New submission to Amazons reply to my Appeal:-

1 August 2020 14:37 BST

Additional information
Dear Amazon.

As with my earlier appeal. my account has been suspended due to a linked account which I have no knowledge of and confirm that I have only one Amazon selling account

(North East Stock ******** ) Seller Account
****** ******) *email
and I can confirm that I am the sole owner of this account.

*The only changes which may have triggered a link, is my relocation and the use of my mobile phone whilst my internet was off.

(My Mobile number is 0** **** *****)

( May 2020) from my relocation was from

my previous address ( ** ** ********* ***** *********** ) **
To my current address (
** ****** ************* **) **

but I have just recently updated my address on my a/c.

I am not aware if the previous residents had a selling a/c on Amazon as they are unknown to me.

i can verify my new details by uploading confirmation of documents to prove this and hope that this confirms my status.

But again I can confirm that to the best of my knowledge I am not aware of any other Amazon accounts and cannot offer any reason why I have been linked to any other account…

Apart from the use of my mobile phone and the use of my new bt broadband internet account at my new location…

I have also uploaded the docs below:-
Latest Company Bank Statement with new address June 30 2020.jpg
Driving Licence at new address - Front.jpg
Driving Licence at new address - Back.jpg
NESCS Cert of Incorporation.jpg
New Address Water Rates Bil 28 May 2020.jpg


Im trying to figure out what the blocks here have in common.

Can anyone reply me back if they use any of the following integrations / sevices:

Channelreply (e-mail integration service to zendesk)
M2e pro (integration between ERP and AWS
Pricing lab (pricing tool)

I could see channelreply being a possible issue as the mails are from the same domain


i dont use any other integrations / services at all.

and my email. is gmail


How about the use of return centers like EZI returns or similar to handle local returns in other than your home market


No. and i am the only one to use my computer etc, that is why i just can not figure it out, where this link is to an account that is supposed to be related to my account …

it really has me baffled. my head is spinning trying to figure it out

As how can you prove that you dont have another linked account, you carnt its crazy. they dont even give you any info about it


A related account means Amazon have linked two marketplace selling accounts to one sellers registered account (name, bank a/c, address, computer etc etc).

An example, you have a business and staff, they work from home and take a works laptop home, unknown to you they have opened their own selling a/c and log in on the works computer…or, perhaps log onto their own a/c from a works computer during lunch…Amazon will connect both a/c’s as related…the suspended business owner will of course insist there is only one a/c, unless pointed out it’s an employee’s a/c?

I don’t see third party applications are a factor, otherwise we would have thousands of reported suspensions for linked third party email address?

The answers are normally closer to home.


i have a ebay and a paypal account.

but that has nothing to do with amazon -


Any statements or proofs sent always reply to me with the same standard email that they posted above
it is already the third time


You can have more than one paypal a/c at the same address and multiple ebay selling a/c’s unlike Amazon’s restrictions, but as you say it’s nothing to do with your Amazon a/c.

Have you tried asking Amazon for an indication to the owner of this linked a/c as you cannot identify who may own it as it’s not owned by you?


i just dont know how your supposed to solve the problem if they do not tell you the information regarding the details …
And the amazing thing is the HELP PAGE says:-
Help - [Rate this experience] honestly its a joke!!!

Then It says :-Recommended for you
Solutions to quickly fix your issue or contact us:- at this time we can only answer questions related to your suspended account status…

ive done a Appeal and reply 2x

i just dont know how your supposed to solve the problem if they do not tell you the information regarding the details …


Who would i ask as the Solutions to quickly fix your issue or contact us:- just states that at this time we can only answer questions related to your suspended account status…


email Seller Performance?

Is there an email

or, contact Seller Support with the question, unlikely they can answer, if not will pass the message onto the performance team.


Thank you, i will give it a go tomorrow,