Help Please Your Seller account has been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement


I totally agree with you, how we should prove something that we haven’t done. Not any clue。


How we can prepare this evidence for soemthing we haven’t done? Any clue can show us?


just asked the question…

Dear Amazon my account has been suspended due to a linked account which I have no knowledge of and confirm that I have only one Amazon selling account

Please could give me an indication to the owner of this linked a/c as i cannot identify who may own it as it’s not owned by you?

cotacted me saying it was someone with the letters. CHE.

at first i thought it was my daughter but contacted her again and she says no…

so now im lost as the will not give any more details…

Account deactivated due to having another seller account

Hi peter how do i go about doing this please could you give me more in depth details regarding:-

mydata via issuing a ROA this can be done in a simple message now and it has to be accepted and escalated to the firms DPO following new GDPR regs

thank you


Hi under new GDPR guidelines you can request it any any form now a lot of business will prefer you to follow thier process but if you were to send a simple email or open case it would have to be escalated to the correct department legally.

You can get templates online for free.

In the email or case FAO of The firms DPO - Urgent

Use the template then from google

The information you would like keep it simple such as any corrispondents you hold on me associated to this account with the above email or any other accounts such as emails case logs letters.

So then your requesting something which is easily printable from system so may get issued promptly


Thank you Peter im not that bright. it may take a bit of time for it to sink in, as ive never herd of it before you brought it up and dont know what it is…

Good idea though if i get it right…


Hi this should help


Just got a call back… from Account Health Support saying i must now put in a plan of action…

were do i start with this im only going to duplicate what ive said before.


Thats something new because I never got that 6 months ago


You have a little more detail now that Amazon have offered a pointer on the linked a/c, just amend your previous appeal to include that you have been made aware you are linked to another account with name CHE and confirm you have no knowlwdge of this person, confirming you have only registered for and use one Amazon a/c…

The fact you approached Amazon for the name, may help with your appeal?


Yes, a welcome step in the right direction, but still very much a guessing game.


I’m just wondering if you have ever sold in the Toys and Games category on Amazon? As all those pages are hidden and your seller ratings profile only states that you sell in Beauty, Baby Products and Health & Personal Care categories.


yes but the have deactivated all my listings and my shop etc


I think this is spot on. I believe everyone affected should check that all their account details are set up correctly, as the first thing to do. This would explain why only certain countries are affected. Lets face it, if Amazon believe the real reason was that you have another account then ALL countries would be affected. For example, our details are not correct in the countries where we have been suspended, but are correct in the country that hasnt been suspended. Anyway I am going now to check and update the affected countries and see if that makes any difference.


get back to us and let us know if it does…


Okay perhaps I should have done this before I posted, but I checked and the account information is uniform across all european countries. (I am not including .com here as this thread appears to only refer to europe) So maybe that’s not the reason. We are missing one piece of information in all countries which I am going to remedy today. As this missing piece of information also affects the country that is not suspended I think we can eliminate the foregoing as the reason for the suspension.

However, It still does not answer the point of why only certain countries are affected, which is mighty strange.


I would have thought that the account information was uniform as well so whatever your input in the UK would automatically be applied through out all the European ones too.

but i agree there must be something as My Amazon ( uk. spain. france) are are saying the same about a suspected linked account. ( yet the others do not ) i only sell on my UK account i have never sold on the other european ones…

i have had 3x appeals returned by amazon. saying:-
We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time. To reactivate your account, please take one of the following actions: etc. etc.etc.

So now i have done a Plan of Action and waiting for a reply for that…


Okay let us know how you get on. I am just preparing my plan of action for each country affected.


ive just done the UK one as there is no point in doing them all if you can not get the UK one accepted


Just got this back…

Dear Seller,

Thank you for submitting your appeal. This email address no longer accepts incoming messages and emails sent to this alias will not be reviewed by Amazon.

Please submit your appeal by following the instructions on the Account Health page in Seller Central ( The Account Health page shows how well your account is performing against the performance metrics and policies required to sell on Amazon, and helps us direct your appeal to the team that can best assist you.

To appeal a listing deactivation, please click on the ‘Next Steps’ link next to the listing on your Account Health page.

To appeal an account deactivation, please follow the instructions in the banner on the top of your Account Health page.

You should expect a reply within 3 days after your appeal is submitted.

Thank you,


i would love to follow the instructions in the banner on the top of your Account Health page.

you click on the banner and it takes you to the same page that they are now saying no longer accepts incoming messages and emails sent to this alias will not be reviewed by Amazon.

what do i do now takes me 2 days to do a plan of action send it to:- and then get this reply back the next day…