Identity Information, I dont have a passport!


There was a similar thread quite recently, though I can’t recall who started it or what it was titled, but I seem to remember somebody said that they purchased some kind of photo ID card online for around £30ish and Amazon accepted it.

Maybe someone else has a better memory than me.


Hi Bairstows,

Yes this sort of points out how pointless this request for photo ID is. If I get an ID made and put the picture of John Merrick, Amazon may accept this. Lets face it they have nothing to compare it too, so unless they come to my house, they wouldn’t know whether the picture sent is me or not … therefore rendering the whole thing pointless.
Surely if I have my driving license, birth certificate and a current Royal Mail OBA invoice, this would be more than enough proof of my ID even for the police.


It was called a CitizenCard and was mainly used as id for pubs and supermarkets. It us no longer a valid form of identification


I don’t think we have them in the UK, I’ve been on the planet a long time, and never seen them. I have sent 3 documents to show who I am, and apart from ripping my eye out, and chopping my hand off so they can use retinal scan, finger prints and DNA, there is not much more I can do.
Mind you unless they have these 3 things as a reference, then even these would be pointless.


It is not pointless. If someone else have used John Merrick’s photo when applying it will be flagged up and both accounts will be checked.

No offence but why are you so against having a passport.

A passport with photo and signature has been the official document used as proof of identification in the UK since the early part of WWI.

I have not travelled since 1999 and I chose to renew my passport every time. It cost £85 or £75 online and it last 10 years. My most used document ever. save so much hassle when applying for absolutely anything and is accepted by all civilised countries around the world as proof of identification.

In my opinion a document worth investing in. And whatsmore you will be in the same situation again and again and again when dealing with any financial institution.


I get by fine without a passport, a driving licence is perfectly acceptable for photo ID.


True. But OP say they don’t have one if those either.

Photo driving licence still cost £20 and only accepted as proof of id in the UK. Much prefer a passport


I am not " against " having a passport, but as I don’t travel aboard why would I buy one. What does annoy me is the arrogance that you SHOULD have a passport and you SHOULD have a driving license. Not everyone has either or both of these. If Amazon are restricting and discriminating sellers to have be drivers and jet-setters just to prove who they are, then I think there is something wrong. I don’t know how having your picture helps Amazon identify you, unless your picture is already on their records?
Now being in my 7th decade, I have had no issues with any financial transactions, mortgages ect throughout my life. I sell on 5 different platforms and it is only Amazon that insists on this every few years. none of the others do. If this is the law are the other 4 platforms trading illegally?
I think not.


It is law for all institutions to be actively seeking to prevent fraud. Having a photo id is another way to prove who you are. As I mentioned, if another account has a photo of john Merrick and you apply with a photo of john Merrick then both accounts will be flagged and checked.

All other marketplaces like Ebay, etsy etc do not provide financial services. They use PayPal. PayPal will always ask you for photo ID of some kind.


Actually it’s not Amazon requiring photo ID, as Amazon payments are now a financial service, it’s the Financial regulator that sets this requirement, which Amazon have to comply with.

They do provide a list of what ID will be acceptable, you need to provide one of them.


Why would you get one if no intention of travelling abroad, and they are costly too, more costly than applying for a driving licence.
I do know someone who applied for a Provisional Driving licence just to get photo ID, even though had no intention of learning to drive.


Paypal, NoChex ect have never asked me for photo ID, Nor has any of my business or personal accounts or mortgage providers …all financial providers … maybe they are trading illegally too LOL


Because a driving licence is only valid as proof of id in the UK. As UK is leaving EU. I am applying for EU bank accounts. They don’t accept driving licence photo id.


They do the first time you want to transfer your money from PayPal/NoChex to your own bank account and also when you want remove your limit from your PayPal account.


have you done this recently? They do now with every new customer


I can get a credit card for £10k in 5 minutes online, no problem.
So far I have sent Amazon a copy of, P60 Service pension tax statement, Council tax demand, Driving license, Royal Mail OBA statement and my birth certificate. TBH there is not much more I can send to prove my existence!


Warning - if you are going through verification watch out for scam emails.

Whilst going through re-verification had a raft of dodgy but legit looking emails, cleaver in that the first ones say you are going through verification and need to do this and that, when ignored another one comes in saying that because you didn’t act restrictions have been placed on your account. If you ignore that you get another one saying you have been reported for selling an inauthentic item, in my case mascara which is better than S%X! I have never listed this and never will! This one gets more threatening and says your account is about to be closed and shouts that you need to click here. Obviously don’t!

Question is how do they know you are going through verification (Internal job?) The thing that flags it up is the misspelling ie/ AMZEN or AMZN the rest looks very real, by the way none of this appears in my seller central, and Amazon have confirmed that it is scam or phishing and they have no record of anything on my account.

P.S Got re-verified yesterday and a scan of both sides of my photo driving licence was good in place of a passport, for those who think only a passport will do. Hope this helps someone. Keep safe.


Bet you didn’t look at the small print. Every single application has a proviso saying we may need to get in touch with you to ensure you are getting the right services etc. That is when they will ask you for your photo id.

Clearly they still need a photo id. Do as @JillyB1 has mentioned apply for a Provisional driver licence.


I’m not having a go at you. You have to remember that the Amazon verification team is given a checklist of what is required. If you don’t tick all the boxes you won’t get verified.

Just get a photo id. £20 to change your paper driving licence to a photo driving licence.

Life is too short.


If Amazon changed, we would not have to. All the information given is more than enough proof of who I am and where I live. Just a complete lack or empathy to the fact that not everyone drives nor goes abroad. They need a " no " and " what if " people in their meetings, not the " yes,yes,yes" ones that seem out of touch with the real world.