Identity Information, I dont have a passport!


they did change. They changed 2 years ago when they moved financial services. They now conform with those rules.

Except what you look like.

But you do drive. You just have a paper driving licence - like I have

They not. They are following current recommend security measures to prevent fraud.


Paypal, Nochex, HSBC, HALIFAX all financial services, none have ever asked for a passport or driving license.

But if they don’t know what I look like, then sending a picture is pointless, as they would have nothing to compare it too. Also how does knowing what I look like make Amazon more secure. I dont use facial recognition to login to my account.

Indeed, but not everyone does, so would none travelling/non-drivers be prevented from selling on Amazon

Until Amazon’s account is hacked and millions of passport and Driving licenses are available on the Dark Web you mean … These measures are not required as far as i can see by any other financial service.


Have you done this recently, as in within the last 3 years?

Both Halifax and HSBC will ask you for your photo id when you open a new account in branch. The Halifax website tells you that you need photo id when you apply for a new bank account. HSBC will send you a letter inviting you to provide photo proof of id in-branch before they will open the account. I just did this last week.

PayPal will ask for a photo id when you want to remove your limit with them. NoChex ask for your photo id the 1st time you request a money transfer.

Seriously every single bank I have dealt with has ask me for photo id. I’ve opened saving account in Nationwide. Credit cards in Santander. Every bank has asked me for my passport. So don’t know why you have not been asked. Must be my dodgy face.

as I mentioned before it is a preventative data. For example:

  1. If your face appears as photo id on two different account then either the two accounts are joined or it could be suspicious and so should be check. This includes if you have been blacklisted and you try to open a bank account using a different address.

  2. If your face has changed dramatically. For example, a fraudulent person is using your address to apply for a credit card and changed your photo for his.

This is just two I can think of off the top of my head.

In a way yes. Amazon is saying you need to get some photo id to confirm who you are before they will allow you to open an account with them. If you can’t or won’t get this information to them then you will not be able to open an Amazon account. Its their playground.

Being hacked is down to each business to ensure their system is secure and we all trust that they do. When they fail they are duly punished. Eg RBS.

Financial services governing body give guidelines in preventing fraud and all members in the UK must actively prevent fraud. so it is not just Amazon. All members must have a certain security level in place to prevent fraud.

Honestly these measures are there to help us - their customers. It may be a pain the backside sometimes but it has prevented many of us being victims of fraud.


Unfortunately there’s a big backlog with passports at the moment, and BBC are reporting delays, so you’ll probably need an expedited service if you do need one. But hey, at least you’d get one of the first blue ones!

Maybe it would be faster to say you lost your drivers license and got a modern replacement? You can frame the old one and keep it on your wall if you’re attached to it.

They want a photo on file so if someone hacks you in the future they’ll have to show a matching photo. There’s tons of fraud out there and the fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and I think NI numbers are just too easy to obtain while paperwork is too easy to fake.


besides, I have lived in a few Western European Countries in the last 10 years or so, UK is the only one that do not have carry a photo ID and registration in commune enforced by law.

In Switzerland, the foreigner id issued by commune do not have photo attached; they do have the photo on file just not on that piece of paper. So if you need photo id, you can use your driving license. Most people that do not drive got a provision driving license so they do not have to carry their passport when asking for a photo id; their public transport is excellent AND cheap; so no need to drive at all if you do not want to.

If you think your photo is not already on file somewhere, you are very wrong. your picture gets taken each time you are out on high street, banks, petrol station, even from the video door bell from your neighbours or some idiots tag you on a photo that someone uploaded onto Facebook etc. They can even identify you after you have plastic surguries.

as others said, these are the law which a financial institutions have to obey. We of course can object and not obey; you will be excluded.


Well, apparently all the official documentation I have sent in is not proof of my existence.
After all these years of trading on Amazon, it looks like I can’t prove who I am despite sending in:
Birth Certificate, Driving Licence, Council Tax Demand, Royal Mail Invoice, Tax Return showing UTR and NI numbers, P60 for my service pension.

If I am that anonymous, I may rob a bank to make up the shortfall of losing my Amazon account, what’s your thoughts?

Anyone wanting to start selling on Amazon MUST have a passport and MUST have a Driving Licence it would seem. You know the things you can buy for £100 from shady guys in certain pubs.
Ridiculous! As if the world of business isn’t hard enough at the moment.



I guess you will have to present yourself in person at an Amazon office with all your paper documents and suggest they take a phot of you for their records…but then how will they confirm it’s you and not someone who has stolen your docs?

or, you could get a photo ID that’s on the list and accepted?


Hi Pink,
I understand you are closing your account ( I read elsewhere), now here’s the irony. You can have an account, but don’t want one, I need this account ( to keep my house ) , but can’t have one.
I really don’t get the whole photo thing, nor, that if this is law, why all the other platforms are not asking for the same stuff.
After 10+ years of trading on Amazon, and all the official documents I have sent, surely someone with some common sense would see that I still am the same person that opened the account all those years ago?
I don’t need or want a Passport, I don’t travel outside the UK. My driving license is an official and legal document without the picture. All the other documents are official HMRC or government documents, but still, they think I am someone else. PS I didn’t know Amazon had offices in the UK, I thought they was based elsewhere.


If your house is dependant on it why would not just update your driving license? It seems you don;t want a photo id of any description which is fine but if your livelihood is at stake I cant understand not doing so.


Good Point, but at the moment I am shielding from C19, so don’t visit any shops where I would need to go to have a photo taken. Couple of points I can’t get an answer for though are:

  1. Does anyone starting a selling account on Amazon have to have Passport, or Photo Driving License?
  2. Why is it only Amazon insisting on this, when all the other platforms are not?
    Seems strange to me TBH.


Not quite, I removed and deleted all my listings, my a/c is still active, I can return when, or if Amazon remove their restrictive practices in media by blocking certain titles at random…

I do understand your frustration which I experienced when trying to open a bank a/c for my Mother a few years back…not even a paper driving license in her case, but ok to divert her payments to my a/c based on a signature…so I have experience of the issue.

The thing is, if you need the a/c to sell, then unless you conform to their rules, you won’t be selling on Amazon…do you have an alternative?


Yes we sell on 5 platforms, but Amazon is 75% of our business, and of course we have the busiest time of the year coming for us, so it would ruin us not to have Amazon.
That said, what more can I do, they seem insistent that they need a picture of me and everyone else on Amazon, the only selling platform that requires this, why do they need this when the others don’t?

  1. I know I did
  2. Honestly doesn’t matter. One pub might only allow over 21’s whilst another over 18’s. Different rules for different companies. We all know that Amazon are the biggest company in the world, frustrating in many many aspects but if we base our livings around selling on their platform, better to live the easiest life possible and do as they say.


Hi TF,
But I am told that this is the LAW, not just a Amazon fad of getting a collection of photo’s. If it’s the law, then ALL the selling platforms would have to commit to the same regulations, not just Amazon. You see what I mean?


If Amazon had not moved to Amazon payments, likely this would not be needed, but they have to comply with Financial Regulations which will have listed the requirements they have to meet, so for Amazon a box ticking exercise…All financial regulated businesses have to comply for new accounts, not for older already established ones, but Amazon payments are all new accounts hence the appearence it’s only them asking.


So Paypal, Nochex Hsbc, halifax ect are all breaking the law by allowing me their services without my miserable face on their hard drive?


Sorry just read the " New Accounts " bit, looks like I aint selling on Amazon anymore then.


you might find ebay will soon as they moved to managed payment.

they all checking all old accounts atm… We had paypal checked not long ago with debit card renewal, they ask for info; can’t remember halifax yet…

Amazon already had anti-money laundry part put in 3 years ago which you need to confirm a list of stuff; at that time, they already asking for photo id.

Whether you like it or not, I even have to submit a photo id to take some professional certificate online when applying; AND they watch you while you take the exam with webcam.

Far too many spoofing and cat-fishing going on; you have to get used to be asked to present photo-id. Until the day they all get AI working everywhere and there is no longer a need as they already know who you are! That day I hope is far in the future.


If Amazon is 75% of your business and keeping a roof over your head is dependent on your business then questioning why Amazon require a photo ID seems a bit of a dangerous move. Personally I would apply for a passport or driver’s licence asap, though obviously if you are shielding then it will have to wait until you are happy to go out and get a photograph done.

Having said that, I have just googled it and it seems you can use any photograph so long as it meets the requirements, you do not have to go out to a photo booth. Do you have a smartphone or anything else that can take a digital photo?


From a;

If you have no photo ID , a copy of your original Birth Certificate or National Insurance Card will be accepted provided it is accompanied by a passport sized photo that is countersigned on the back by someone who can confirm your identity .

Is this an alternative?

It may not comply with Amazon requirements, but that’s another debate.