Invalid UK VAT Number email


I’d be more worried that by altering details Seller Verification might automatically kick in with all that hassle of possible inactive inventory, invisibility and reduced sales.
More clarification is needed.


I’ve emailed them with a screen shot of VIES and asking for clarification on what to do.

If/when I get a reply I will let you know.


They emailed me back asking for my VAT registration document.

I sent it to them and and they are happy with it. I havn’t changed any information in my seller profile either.


Me neither, all now reverified. Until the next time…



With all the phishing that’s about, it’s crazy that Amazon keeps sending emails containing live links to seller central.
Doubly crazy when there is no matching messages in SC itself.

I never click on links in Amazon emails, and that includes the surveys and the ‘was this helpful yes/no’ type links.

More evidence that the Amazon machine has grown too big to be contained or even understood by any single human being, including JB himself?! :open_mouth:


Hi Guys, I sent details before reading this thread then became worried that it could be a spoof. I responded to the email address asking the question and they got back to me with re-assurance. I am also glad Amazon are doing this because it supports genuine sellers. Here is the response…

I can assure you that this is a genuine issue from Amazon. You can also verify this with the e-mail address that is being used (specifically the domain “”).

The reason Amazon is looking into business name ownership of VAT numbers in the UK is that the forthcoming regulation in the UK requires Amazon to perform these checks to ensure VAT numbers are not misappropriated. The regulation is expected to come into place sometime in March and we wanted to give sellers an early warning.


That reply cannot be from Amazon…
Where are the grammatical errors, the expressions of admiration and love for their honoured sellers or the general evading of the point of your query?


Not recommended as a way of checking validity of emails as the email addresses that emails are “allegedly” sent from can be spoofed very easily.


How many times do i have to prove this ? Good grief , getting bored now


Jessica, can you please check again, I contacted seller services this morning before reading this, and Seller Services just told me it’s a fake! You can check my case ID {removed} , they are confirming it as phishing, as of 8:30 this morning! Which is it???


Hi @Kitty,

Thanks for your post. I have removed your case ID as the forums are public.

After I initially warned sellers on this thread about the e-mail they were discussing I received confirmation that it is indeed genuine and confirmed this later in the thread.

I apologise that the associate advised you that the e-mail was not genuine.



ok thanks, God, I don’t even know what to believe anymore! I’ll go ahead and send the documents to them I guess, but I still feel trepedacious about it. I do wish they had issued a performance notification or an inside message. We’ve had no other contact besides the dodgy email and no way to verify from within the real Amazon! Does not help that SS is calling it phishing!


Hi, where to upload valid VAT certificate as in a section of account settings when I use “fix” is only allow me to update address details and they are correct?


I received this message too and when I go to my account on Amazon it tells me that my VAT number (which is correct) has been rejected. It gives you the option to add an address or edit an address but when I do so it doesn’t save or update. Please can someone give me a phone number so that I can speak to a human being thanks



The situation is becoming increasingly frustrating and totally unprofessional for such an important worldwide retailer.

I was one of many that received the original VAT email a few days ago.

I sent the required information and was told last Monday by Iona in the VAT Number Appeals dept the following:

“Thank you for your response below,
The documents provided are sufficient and I will now update our records.
Many thanks,

Lo & behold, today, I receive another email (genuine) from Amazon Services Europe which says:

It has come to our attention that there is a problem with your VAT registration number *******9890 and as a result, your VAT registration number has been declined. The ‘legal name’ and/or ‘address’ information in your VAT account does not match the information related to the VAT number as shown on your VAT certificate.”

How does Amazon expects us to operate with so much conflicting information, left and right hands and many hands inbetween not talking to each other?

It’s just ridiculous.


Just adding, for the record, that I have also received this email. My business name is on the same line as my full name, so I suppose the business name needs to start on a new line and (as another poster pointed out) maybe also include t/a
I’ll speak to support I suppose.


For the record, I’m not changing anything.


Amazon would not send you a link, they tell you to log on independently. Generally as a rule, NEVER click on a link in any email, as 99% this will be a phishing email.


I don’t mean to be rude but please wake up and smell the coffee!:coffee:


Unfortunately that’s not the case, they do send links I had an email yesterday about suppressed listings. With links to click.
Instead I went directly to my inventory( as already logged on) > inactive and found just 1 suppressed item
However you are correct in the fact that there are a lot of phishing mails about.