Listings have no result in main search, only handmade category



Thank you for the information provided. I will go ahead and check within our team to see about why your listings are not showing.

As soon as I have more information, I will let you know.

Thank you


Hi Nancy,

Seemingly today something has changed and my listings are now visible on main search, possible a result of support ticket that is still open.

I had to contact SS for main site as I am unable to contact handmade support by any of the available methods, I always get an error message. Are you able to look into this for me?

If I request callback it gives the error “callbacks not available right now” (within correct hours)
If I select email support I get the error “that email is not associated with this account” although it is the one I log in with!


I was told by a Amazon Support person that the Handmade listings are not visible in the main category. A person has to look within handmade to find any handmade items. I was querying why i dont get many sales anymore and this was his answer. Says it all really.


I have no problem with my Handmade items appearing in the main search (All). From row 1 onwards. Don’t know what nonsense the SS were telling you.


Sorry late in seeing this, i have had al sorts of different suggestions from different support staff.

  1. You can get seen in general search, not in general search, only handmade.
  2. Put your title in keywords, dont copy anything from title in keywords.
  3. Put handmade in your title, dont put handmade in your title
  4. You can put Swarovski in keywords but not in details. Dont put Swarovski anywhere, not allowed.

These are just some of the things i have been told by various support staff at Amazon, no wonder i don’t sell anything lucky if i get one a week and i have 428 listings. Seriously thinking of giving Amazon up as a bad job. I even use advertising through Advigator but still nothing.


Plus trying to list is a nightmare, most of my listings have customisations, and im having to wait for 20 mins after each listing to be able to add any customisations, absolutely ridiculous.


I think they messed with it in January as my sales suddenly dropped off a cliff, yet all other platforms were still ridiculously busy. It’s never recovered here at all. Add the stupid VTR rule and I’m seeing my days out until they remove my listings. I started editing my photos last year but have given up with that too. It isn’t worth my time.


Yep, exactly the same, we’ve got a third of sales from this time last year, it’s barely worth it on handmade any longer, just did a quick search myself on one of our products and absolutely nothing in the main search under “all”, but change to handmade and we’re the first, wow !!


I did an experiment last night and filtered by Handmade. Cheap tat showed up and I clicked on some and they were not even listed in Handmade,