Long story,Advice Don't know ? Funny Maybe ? Disgusting Definately ! But what to DO?


Hi Guys.
Not a seller problem.But a good story.
Read in full.You might find it funny,You may not ?
1st box.Just to be clear.In all the years i’ve been on amazon.I’ve NEVER had a problem with their orders.NEVER.Lot’s of problems with the mega sellers.But NEVER with Amo.
The Story.
I received 3 orders today.3 big boxes.Delighted.
1st box was for my son with Autism.Mad into astronomy.New telescope.He was over the moon.so to speak.I’m in great mood after seeing his face light up.Excellent.
2nd box. I buy lovely coffee by the boxload from a wonderful UK seller.Strenght 6 and beautiful full flavour.Always fresh and in date.etc,etc.I’m really over the moon now.This day is going great.Excellent.
3rd box.I start cutting the black tape to open,Funny smell ??.I think maybe it’s the packaging ??.
Get the box open.2 items in the box as expected.All ok except the SMELL is horendous.What the H**L sort of paper packaging did they use.There must be something seriously wrong with it.Bad batch or something.Get over it.Just take out the darn items and bin the box quickly.
I try to take the 1’st item out,but it seems stuck to the other item ?? So i squeeze in my fingers between the items to seperate them and then remove the 1st one.At 1st i don’t believe what i’m seeing.I take the item out and my fingers are covered in BROWNY BLACKY YELLOWIE Stuff.AND the SMELL.MY GD it’s unbelieveable.But it can’t be what i think it is.IT Just Can’t.I refuse to believe it.It must be some sort of Grease or Oil of something from the machinery at Amazon ??? Gd please tell me it is.
IT’s SHITE,SHIT,POOH,Phoecies,or whatever the hell you want to Bloody call it.
Some Amazon employee has SHIT in my box.Or in the paper packaging or whatever.But the point is,There is SHITE in my Delivery.Covering MY HANDS and my new items.
There is no way in HELL i will ever use these items.Would You ???
Now heres the clinker.!!!
2 issues.
1st to make you laugh.The 2 items in the box.I purchased an expensive one and a cheaper one as a spare.What were they you ask???.Hold your horses.It’s coming.They were ?? .They Are ??? Yes it’s true.You won’t believe it.But it’s True. They were 2 New never come loose,Easy fixing,Long lasting fittings,White, Easy clean Toilet seats.Yes.2 covered in SHITE toilet seats.
How in the name of GD do i even return these.There on the grass.I can’t even touch them.I can’t stop washing my bloody hands,I can’t seem to get rid of the smell off me OR out of my HOME.It’s seems to be stuck to the walls.
I don’t sue people.Never have,Never will.But G
D i think this is the closest i have ever felt about breaking that rule.
So.WHAT do i do.I can’t return them.I can’t Use them and i feel like changing every bit of my homes contents.Smell just won’t go.
Any coments or advice appreciated.Thanks
I feel Sick.
The items are Not damaged per say.Delivered on time.WELL PACKED.


I am sorry to hear that this happened. I can imagine that you received a customer return from someone who used the products before and then Amazon placed it back into sellable inventory.

Since the order was fulfilled by Amazon, I am sure you will be able to return the items for a refund or you could call the Customer Service and explain what happened, maybe they will allow you to get a returnless refund so you can dispose of them.


Yes this was my thought as well - a used customer return! :face_vomiting:


I’m tempted to suggest it was someone in the warehouse. They’ve been known to go to the toilet wherever they can…


Call a tabloid newspaper and let more people know your story.

I can see The Sun headline now (but won’t reveal it yet).

That should start a little competition going. A free gift (at our expense) for what is agreed consensually to be the best answer by the end of the month.

Please enter your Sun headline for this story below.


From what you say this definitely does NOT sound like a previously purchased item that has been returned, it sounds much more like the scenario @BarryM has linked.
Call Amazon and insist on speaking to a manager.
They must send someone to investigate this issue as it is a serious health hazard and not just some disgusting mishap.
Newspapers if you want, although that seems wrong unless Amazon fail to take this seriously.
As @Carols_Books suggests, Amazon should be paying to clean your home too, or at least the affected area.


I am totally horrified that someone could do that and that Amazon have no checks in place to prevent this from happening. Simply Appalling :poop:


Thinking about this I feel that you should insist on some sort of compensation from Amazon, and I don’t mean a Prime subscription that would not actually cost Amazon any money.
You should not have been placed in this situation and Amazon must rectify it asap.


I hope you took photos.


Omfg, I’m am in total shock at your story. :scream:



£5K minimum for that experience

get all the evidence and tell them you’re gonna call the press.

made me laugh at first but amazon should be held to full account for this


I Bournemouth they tested 138 homeless people for various things and found that a significant number of them have tuberculosis, which is a disease that is supposed to have disappeared.
As the OP handled this stuff with his bare hands then he is at risk of catching something nasty and Amazon must take this seriously and act appropriately.
Hopefully @comfy-couch88 will update us as to the proceedings.


This bit tickled me!


doubt it - seems to me it must be a malicious prank

a stressed out worker going in a random box that happened to have 2 toilet seats in it

no - must be a malicious prank - Im sure whoever did it is laughing their head off - one of the packing staff - probably someone who has left the job already or was on their way out.


LOL!!! YOu made my day!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us!
Now i guess some sellers can finally say 'Amazon stinks!!!


I am so surprised that no previous poster has suggested calling the police.
It is a very serious offence to send such things through any postal system.

Call the Police and let them investigate it!

Most Amazon packages can be traced through their system and any employees involved identified.


Unbelievable situation, but surely if you give amazon the tracking number they’ll be able to find out when it was packed and look on security cameras. The person who did this should be prosecuted.
My only other thought is how often does this happen, I mean by chance this time the person who received the parcel was an amazon seller but a random person might not post about it anywhere?


come on - any random person would be sure to kick up a stink about it


Hehehe, GMT made a funny! :rofl:


they certainly have evidence for dna testing to find the culprit