No New Orders for 1 Hour - Normally have about 20 an hour


Hi, We have never experienced this before, we normally have around 20 orders an hour, but for the last hour and a half not had a single order. IS there something wrong, or should i be worried about something?

Return reason: Missed estimated delivery date - Even though EST Delivery date not until tomorrow

We haven’t had any orders for a couple of hours either…?


I just checked my account and it looks like I haven’t received a single sale since 11:36am today and there aren’t even any pending orders.

So this definitely appears to be some sort of a site-wide glitch as I am normally getting an order once in every few minutes.


Same here. Glad to see its not just an issue limited to my account! Anyone been in touch with Amazon about it?


Yes us too :slight_smile:

We are doing about 30 an hour and have 0 for 100 mins or so.

You are not alone!!

This will correct itsself eventually. Has happened numerous times over the years. No need to worry.


We are the same, we normally get orders every few minutes and none for over an hour…like you say it will be a glitch somewhere and then they will all hit at once…and then hit the metrics for arriving late to customers!..


I dont know whether to be releived or more distressed that it is happening to everyone. I am on hold with seller support so will report if i get any news from them, Unlijkely Im sure. But my concern was it is not a decreast but a total stop on sales. My PPC campaigns are still working, as the budget is being spent.


Seller support have no issues reported. They were as helpful as ever. I have reported the issue, so hopefully, i can get them to look at that when he metrics get hit. If anyone does strat to get orders through, would appreciate an update. Thanks


Same Issue here, however were showing up in search screen on amazon


We are the best seller still in our category so must be a good few orders ‘‘hidden’’ somewhere


I just asked my friend to place an order on our account, nothing has come through, but they had no issue placing the order, i assume they will all show up at some point.


Glad it’s not just me!!! We’ve not had a single order since 1.06pm!! My last order I had a message from customer said her card was declined but it then came through since then nothing… Same with FBA until 30 minutes ago and now they’re coming in thick and fast…


This is going to be a nightmare for us as our best selling items are personalised so we make them to order, which is fine if we make them as we go… Don’t fancy several hours coming through all together :frowning:


My point here is that Amazon need to communicate issues like this better to sellers. Surely its better to send out an email to all sellers updating them as to what is happening rather than have 100’s of seller contacting seller support and creating hours and hours of work behind the scenes updating and replying to cases.


Seller support dont have a clue this is happening. I have spoke to them and they have apologised that i am not getting the performance I expect. but everything is fine on their end. I have also asked a friend to make a purchase, and it has not come up to me either. Luckily this happened after our cut off time for today, but i HAVE STAFF TWEEDLING THEIR THUMBS NOW, AS THEY DO NOT HAVE ORDERS TO GET READY FOR TOMORROWS DISPATCH.


I am sorry, but asking a friend to place an order from your store could cause you issues, because this could be viewed as a Sales Rank Manipulation.


We have also had no orders since 13:33

The CS I just live chatted with has said the technical team are now aware of this so fingers crossed it is fixed soon.


Surely after getting told that, everything is fine, and checking cant be seen as manipulation.


They required a product that i sell anyways… :man_facepalming:


i just came back from lunch. my staff just informed me no orders for the last 2 hours at least.
so looks like I am not the only one.
i logged a case with seller support in Philippines
i was told to wait 24 hours for a reply