Not a pleasant message from a Chinese seller


I received this message from a Chinese seller at the weekend…

I checked with my account and it stated that I could list these through Prime… So I did… 100 of them.

I undercut the other seller and got the buy box and then got this message from the seller…

They then proceeded to buy all my units and they are all now just sitting pending payment ?

I am very very new to Prime so not 100% sure if I have done something wrong.

I have temporarily made your ASIN B082R6YVCH unsaleable.You must stop selling the ASIN within 24 hours in Amazon Seller Dashboard.If not, we will automatically purchase this ASIN and other ASINs which have a great influence on your sales amount in your store, report to Amazon that you are selling fake products, your right to sell will be removed and you will receive a serious warning from Amazon.We have 7 * 24 hours amazon anti - selling monitoring system, Don’t doubt our ability and determination for you. If you have a lot of inventory, you can sell and process the inventory again after 40 days.


CCHOME is the brand on this listing - are your items the same brand ?


It looks like you have listed against an ASIN that looks to be the same product - and probably is the same. You may not have realised that the ASIN is branded, so unless your items / invoice have the same branding you shouldn’t be on that listing.


Yes 100% CCHOME. I bought these last year but only have just sent them to sell through Prime.


then is the brand owner - and complainant, your supplier ?!


Absolutely no idea to be honest. I bought a few different items from a seller in China.

Lighters, Lady shaver, glass cleaner…

Was just testing the water with a few pieces.

So if they haven’t come from the main supplier I can’t list them ?


does your product have a barcode on it ?
it doesn’t look like there is anything on the box going on the review pictures

its possibly another seller who was also kicked off the listing, just passing on unsaleable stock ?!


They did have a barcode on them but I covered it with my own barcode for Prime.


and does it say CCHOME on them too ?


Could of been… I do buy a lot of different items.

I must try dig out the invoice.

These were bought during 1st major lockdown. They were sent by train and got stuck at the German border for 9 months. My guess is I have had them for near 2 years.


Yes the sticker on the box said CCHOME.


and did you buy from the manufacturer - or someone just selling off bundles of mixed goods ?


So can any seller just buy up all my inventory and leave it pending like that ?

Not sure I am keen if that is possible on Prime.


no they shouldn’t
and by the sound of it , they are not brand registered either - otherwise they would’ve reported you properly
it unfortunately doesn’t stop them from doing your account damage though

have you reported them ?


There are other listings for the same item, just with different branding - B07KP88QJS for example. It’s like a lot of listings on Amazon - generic items listed multiple times under a variety of brand names.

Best advice is likely to remove the items and take the hit. You could fight, but with invoices so old and likely a non-agreeable seller it’d be hard to prevail.

I believe they are - they have brand content and a registered TM.


I have no idea were to report to…

I have a prime manager that answers my emails once every 4 weeks.


These look like a generic Alibaba product that someone has branded. Although you may have bought the ‘same’ product, you’ll need to obtain permission to sell from the owner or brand them as your own.

If you’re referring to an AMZ Account Manager, unfortunately that person will not help. Take the advice that @Demel has given and make sure you carry out due dilligance with your next purchase.


Im confused,the only seller on that listing is a UK Ltd company.


Happened to me recently too. Bought some items direct from a manufacturer in China. Joined a listing on Amazon and within a couple of days received a threatening message from the other Chinese seller stating they will put in a ‘counterfeit’ complain to Amazon if we did not remove all our stock from FBA. Didn’t believe they could do something like that and the next day those listings were blocked. We had to then contact the manufacturer who then helped negotiate with the other party (who was also a customer like us but has basically controlled the listing). They then retracted their complaint and we withdrew all our stock.

The Chinese know the system and they use it to their advantage. They literally have teams of people in China who get paid to disrupt accounts. When they say ‘Don’t doubt our ability and determination’ in your message, I believe them.

The saddest part in all this is Amazon does not care. A message like what you’ve received should be enough for Amazon to ban such threatening sellers but they won’t.

My advise, remove your stock while you can and sell it somewhere else. These Chinese sellers will make your life difficult.


Did you ask about CCHome before, as I remember that brand being an issue previously.

Amz seem to let Chinese Sellers get away with most things, but I would report as a violation, although nothing will happen in all probability, unless unsafe, whereas if we do something in the UK, usually all hel lets loose.

Is the item CE approved, if no label on the item itself, then report the listing as illegal to sell, as dangerous (remove your items first).

As a Buyer it is a pain to find items, as all identical items now have separate listings like E/B as all Chinese Sellers want to have only their Co on the listing, and Amz letting them get away with it.