Not a pleasant message from a Chinese seller


It didn’t have a barcode so perhaps i should have listed as generic brand with no barcode, my fault but still they shouldn’t be buying all my stock regardless, when they sent the message they instantly bought the stock, not giving me time to act and take my listing down.

I have learnt my lesson now, dont F with chinese sellers



Amazon need to remember that they have built their reputation on the backs of longtime sellers with excellent track records. If they now want to throw those sellers under the bus and have their site run by Chinese gangs that’s up to them, but it will come back to bite them in the long run.


However, I think it is too late, unless Amz do something soon, as it is now hard to find most items that are not from Sellers in China. Most seem to also have unknown brands and even worse generic items with them listed many times. Chinese Sellers want it like E/By, so own listing for the items they are selling.

The whole difference with Amz used to be, you located an item, all the Sellers then competed on that item, so brought the price down. Often so no one made a profit except Amz of course.

Buyers are getting fed up to try and find the item and seeing the same item with lots of listings. E/By is usually cheaper and now I look there, where a few years ago, I didn’t, as I’d pay more to not bother trailing through so many listings of the same product. I know several other people who said the same, if they have to look through lots of listings, they might as well get cheaper on E/By.


I have now made my own listing but need to get my stock back that they have reserved, ive tried messaging SS and the customer with no success.


Try creating a removal order and hopefully as soon as they leave pending, the can be returned

Note though, there will be a charge and do you live in UK ?


It wont let me create it as they’re classed as reserved i guess but ill keep an eye out, i do live in the UK so hopefully it wont be too much.

How do people normally do this? do they create their own brand and trademark and list the products they source from china under that brand name?


I think im too used to E/By haha


This is one of the Chinese tactics. They buy all the stock and never pay for it so it keeps all the stock in pending limbo. Stock can’t be removed when payment is pending and seller can’t cancel the order.

SS does not care. When I received the threatening message and spoke to SS, all they said was it’s from a third party and we cannot do anything about it.

Sometimes I think SS is just there to serve AMZ’s interests.


How did you get your stock out? or did you have to wait until the sale expired?


I just had a look at removal and filled out the details but I keep getting an error saying something wrong with the address… My address looks perfect so not sure what I can do :frowning:cchome%20removal


Usually when we have a pending order and the payment hasn’t completed it’s automatically cancelled after 7 days.


Are you in UK - mainland UK ?


Yes UK, Northern Ireland…


Several sellers have stated they won’t return to NI
Do you know anyone in England, Scotland or Wales that would take them ?


Is nothing easy on Amazon… looool.


I use ebay too, it’s a much better buying experience all round.

They have much better filters so you can find the product you want, you get a better feel for which sellers are genuine and which are not, and it’s easier to ask questions so there’s more conection with the sellers…

And as you say it’s usually cheaper too. What’s not to like?


Just found this…

Will have a read through see if there is a way of fixing it


I am on E/by as well and if I have an issue it is sorted straight away. Quick phone call and job done.

On here it is a complete s ** t show.


Delete your listing. When the pending status expires your stock will become stranded.

They will not be able to buy it again and you will be able to create a removal order.


Unfortunately I can’t as I am in Northern Ireland and they don’t allows returns … crazy


So the Seller created the images, uploaded the images, created the title, created the bullet points, created the description, and built up feedback.
Then you came along, clicked the “I’ll Sell one of them” button, and undercut the original seller so you could take his Buy Box.
Then the original seller sent you an unpleasant message.
Yep, life’s just not fair!
I’d suggest doing the work and creating your own listing.