Not a pleasant message from a Chinese seller


It’s not His buy box - all listings belong to amazon


Agree with your analysis, they are making life difficult for small registered brands in niches.



That is how Amz works, don’t like it, then do not sell on Amz!

Amz own the listing, and as long as the exact item, then as many others can sell on that listing.

I think the system of who wins the Buy Box is flawed, but again it is Amz rules as their site (no matter what Sellers think should happen about all sorts, even when it is unfair, we can’t do much about it).

Example: Sony xyz Camera, all 20 sellers compete, some FBA, some SFP, others may be cheaper as sending slower FBM, and a Buyer can decide as they are all sending the same product. That is how Amz want it to work, and did work that way until a few years ago when loads of Chinese Sellers decided they wanted it like E/By with their own listings, no competition, but now so hard to find everything.

When I am buying, if 20 Chinese Sellers all have the identical item, but with a different so-called brand (which is made-up and not on the item), it is then so hard to see if any diffrences, etc. Takes ages to search each listing, and easily to get caught. What it means though is after a while Buyers go elsewhere, so Amz will lose in the end, as will all Sellers.

If you buy something and it is not the brand listed (or has no brand), report it to Amz, as a Buyer, you have more rights, the Seller will get reported, and sometimes Amz give you the item as well, so the Seller loses out for conning the system.


You are right, but if I put in all the effort to create the listing and someone clicked a button and undercut me to take Amazon’s buy box then I would also be a little peeved.


A little peeved is understandable, but getting to the point of sending threatening messages and using underhand tactics to remove the stock? That’s too far and is now a staple of selling on the platform it seems. If there is no consequence for people doing this, then the whole catalogue is going to go to pot. You’ll search for a bin and get the same bin 1000x, just with different “brands” in the title.


Worth noting here that if your invoices and purchase is dated more than 12 months ago (365 days) you’ll have a difficult time defending a counterfeit claim if one is raised against you.


Thing is I put the barcode of the item into Amazon to sell it and it brought up this item.

The exact item with cchome on it and same barcode.

So I then say yes this is the item and Amazon say I can sell it through Prime.

What should you do in this instance if the product is already listed on Amazon ?



A little peeved is understandable, but getting to the point of sending threatening messages and using underhand tactics to remove the stock? That’s too far and is now a staple of selling on the platform it seems. If there is no consequence for people doing this, then the whole catalogue is going to go to pot. You’ll search for a bin and get the same bin 1000x, just with different “brands” in the title.

123BOP - Have you bought on Amz lately, maybe not up to 1000 all the same bins yet, but certainly many items have multiple listings that are identical, I was looking for something not long ago and I counted 20 all the same items just with a different brand name to start with. Clearly the identical item, even the photos were identical, all because the Chinese Sellers want to have their own listing.

Amz do not seem to care.

I note they lost 30% on the Stock Exchange today, I wonder if that will make any difference, or just put up fees?

PS - Also 2 items that ran out of stock by all Sellers, inc us (not my brand, but a major make), tried to be hijacked by Chinese Sellers this week, as the items have lots of good product reviews. The pictures have even changed, just the titles are staying as they were at the moment (1 has been put back as it was by SS, now I have another to report), but annoyingly the Chinese Seller that tried to hijack the listing is still selling other items, it should be a warning for them, and then if doing the same on any other item, they should be removed forever, but they seem to get away with too much.



You should put on your own website, or use E/By if you want all your own listings and no one else on them.

On Amz, you spend hours and then another Seller undercuts you, it is a pain, but that is what happens. That is the way Amz set it up, so the same item is sold by many Sellers, and the Buyer can compare the Sellers, some may be more expensive but sell Prime, another lower in cost but be slower, etc.

That is how it worked for many years, until the influx of Chinese Sellers a few years ago, who all want the identical item listed over and over, and Amz seem to be letting them get away with it, as all they do is register a brand name and put that in the title. That was not the way Amz set it up, they have used a loop-hole in the Amz rules. It should only be a different brand name if the item has that brand on it, and also the box/packaging.

The Buy Box is won depending on Account type, so if you have Prime, often the Prime one wins the Buy Box, if as a Buyer you do not have Prime, then the lower cost Seller may win the Buy Box as long as a better price. Bad feedback, and number of feedbacks count etc, etc.

Amz did not want it like E/By with everything hard to locate, which is what it has become on Amz. In the end all Sellers will lose out, including the Chinese Sellers that caused the problem. Amz are starting to lose sales in recent months, I now use E/By more and I know lots of others are doing so, as lower prices, and slightly easier to find items.


They also need to address the problem with sponsored listings. Even if the search brings up the item I want it is often 3 or 4 rows down due to all the sponsored listings.

It is surely only a matter of time before buyers get fed up and move elsewhere. I suspect by the time it really affects profitability it will be too late to turn the tide.


That annoys me as well, they could put sponsored listings down the side, often it is not even the brand I have searched for.

It also searches all words, so if you search ‘Wok Holder’ - it also shows you ‘Woks’ and ‘Holders’ for other items.

Several Sponsored Wok Spatulas are even near the top choices.


So I have messaged the seller and they have replied saying I don’t have authorization to sell the product.

If this is correct then I need to close the listing. Buuuut I can’t as I live in Northern Ireland and Amazon don’t allow returns :frowning:

Not sure what other options I have.

Anyone to get them sold through Amazon Warehouse ?


Do you have friends or family on mainland who can take the return ?

If not, how many units is it ? Too much for a disposal request ?


47 units left. I changed the max buying to 1 unit and they still buying them all individually.

I might have 1 address I could use on the mainland. I don’t get how I can send to mainland through UPS but I can’t get them returned using the same process. I get UPS all the time from UK and abroad and we never get import duty charged. But trying to explain to anyone on Amazon is pointless.

Thanks for your help along the way btw… Much appreciated.


Can you afford to write them off ?
Theory being that as they are branded, you may still get complaints if you sold them on ebay

I think its about 30p each to dispose



B082R6YVCH the item they are causing an issue about. Shows sold by:

(1) KarenHTEBf - Business Name: K J FENNESSY CONSULTANCY LIMITED, Trade Register Number: 11871603, VAT Number: GB353367002, Business Address: 5 Squirrels Heath Avenue Gidea Park,
Romford, Essex RM2 6AD

(2) Pure Inv (no business details).

So, if (1) is causing an issue, they have a UK address, and you can take action.

Is (2) you, or is that another Seller?

(All Sellers should have full details, otherwise will cause issues in the future and stops customers like me buying, as many will not buy unless details shown).

Sellers in NI really need a UK agent, for returns, etc. Maybe also worth selling older or problem items FBM and SFP, rather than FBA, then you would not have this issue.



Sorry slow reply… yes that is me…

How do I add full details onto my page to show Name, Address etc ?

Oh and update on the seller. They are now attempting to buy my FBM listings now…

Here is there new message -


Invoice request from Amazon customer McSonea Thyrish(Order: 202-0050225-2141961)

24-May-2022 15:33

WARNING: DON’T SELL MY LISTING!!! Please stop selling fake product, because you haven’t stopped following the sale of ASIN B082R6YVCH, I have temporarily made your ASIN B09GG7XPV unsaleable. Please stop your infringement immediately to prevent us from causing further harm to your amazon store. Please do not doubt our ability and determination, for your good. 警告:请不要跟卖我的Listing!!! 请不要再出售假冒商品!因为你没有停止对ASIN B082R6YVCH 的跟卖,我已经暂时使你的无法销售。请立即停止你的侵权行为,以免我们对你的亚马逊店铺造成进一步的伤害。请不要怀疑我们的能力和决心,为了你好。

Little do they know I have set the units in stock to 9000 and can only buy 3 at a time :slight_smile: Should take them a day or 2 to get through that lot.

I have reported all messages from them and heard nothing back as yet.


They can read this thread, don’t forget, so care what is being said.

As they show in Chinese, I’d guess a Seller really in China, but using a UK address - so worth you seeing who really is at the UK address.

You could also buy 1 item of theirs at a time and as a Buyer anything that is not 100% report as fake from them, so they get the issue to prove things.

I would also suggest you get a UK mainland address (agent) for your returns.


They must have an auto buying program. They have been buying 1 of my listings now for nearly 20 hours straight ? A sale every 2 to 3 mins.

466 orders so far … All pending on business accounts.


They sound like one of the usual dodgy Sellers in China.

Report them, over and over, as all linked business accounts.

Amz really should (but we know won’t) resolve those issues.

I would try and buy 1 of each of their items, all on different orders and if not CE marked on the item (and the new UKCA) report as dangerous and demand the listing be removed (ensure not one of your items as well). If not showing the exact brand as in their listing, report again, etc.

Check their UK address, if not a real address, report them again.

As a Buyer, I now try and avoid all Sellers in China, but it seems virtually impossible, they have taken over Amz, and will likely be Amz downfall in the end. Buyers will get fed up trying to find items, just seeing the same item with different brands and prices, will put them off, as it has done to many Buyers already.