Restock Limits - Big Headache


Just found out about this today. I normally keep up with Amazon news, but some how this one got past me.

So when trying to create a shipment today, I was informed that I am at my current limit and cannot send off any more stock. As a fast growing businses that has new lines weekly, this takes the p*** to be quite honest. Who knows what’ll happen come autumn and I want to send off triple the amount of usual stock in time for the Christmas rush…

Oh well, I’m sure there’s someone out there who’ll say ‘You knew what you were signing up for’ ( even though I signed up 11 years ago.)


Yep, exactly the same experience today!


I’ll add to this.
I was contacted (unsoicited) by Amazon a few weeks ago to discuss this. At the time I had 30,000 units or so that I could send. I asked specifically if the limits would be likely to changed and was told that they would stick at that level for some time. They have since reduced at least twice, in under a month. From a position of planning to keep decent stock levels I am now told I’m 15,000 units in excess. My IPI has dropped a small amount but then I’m a semi seasonal business so they would drop. It’s still well above 500.
I’m OK with limits if I’m allowed to work within them and the goalposts don’t change every week.
The drops have been radical.


We’re in the same situation … :worried:


I must admit, thinking of it in terms of the ‘chinese sellers who ship in bulk’, actually makes me quite pleased about the changes haha. There’s so much chinese tat for sale on Amazon, it would do well to flush it all out of the system in my view.


Its not just them, its the new ‘recently watched YouTube’ and ordered 20000 fidget spinners / comfort toys and sent them in without their accounts being verified or invoices validated
God knows how much stranded stock there is ?!


I bet they are given different levels…

We are screwed as just sent two pallets to Germany - and now find ourselves 2 pallets “overstocked” - pallets have not arrived yet

I have no idea how we are going to get round this - as for us a pallet is around 1,000 units - it is not economical to send less than a pallet to EU from UK - have they just killed Pan EU for UK retailers?


It’s not every week, mine has dropped 3 times this week…


Mine has dropped again. It was 4,500 yesterday and today it’s 2,800. I am now thousands overstocked according to Amazon. Out of the 4,500 ish units I have in Amazon warehouses, only about 500 are deemed to be excess. Even if I removed all of them, I would still be well over. I really don’t understand how Amazon now expects people like me to run their businses.


This is ridiculous, on the UK mine was 30,093 yesterday and today is 20,792 so l am over by 4000 now and can’t send anything in and the EU it dropped by 6000 overnight. If it wasn’t hard enough to get stock into the EU now Amazon is blocking me. I have been sending 4 pallets into the EU at a time with around 1500 units on them, so that’s out of the window now. And boxes to the EU just do not work for me.
It’s just getting harder and harder to do anything on Amazon.


Same. WE can not restock anything! Even though they recommend items to re stock? Yes we can sell it FBM but the sales wont be half as much. @Jessica
Please tell us this is just a Glitch!!!


Our restock limit gets lower every day. Last week it was 11,000 and I had approx. 10,500 units in their warehouse and I thought it being lowered to 11k was bad. Yesterday it was 8000 limit. Today it is 5357 limit. I still have 10,000 units in their warehouses, so looks I won’t be sending anything in to FBA for a long time. I had over 50,000 units in their warehouse at peak times. I guess those days are gone. I do have unlimited storage space though which is nice haha, shame I can’t do anything with it. Rant over!


Is anyone finding this this is not to be the case?

This change does not affect customer delivery. On average, sellers can restock 2 to 3 months of inventory in our fulfilment centres

2-3 months would be fine, we are finding our restock limits to be under 1 month.

I’m really hoping that this a glitch since it has significantly changed since yesterday which was 3 days after the policy change.


Just to throw another issue into the mix…we just downloaded an inventory report that shows stock in UK centres, and the true figure of stock being held is actually 10% lower than our limit and 20% lower than what the restock limit page states we have.

So, in reality, even with these new limits we should still be well within them.


the stock allocation figure includes all shipments even wokring and in trasnit ones. do you have any in trasnit or working?


Had my limit decreased over night again - I’ve created removal orders yesterday , and kept only a week supply for some SKUS. Was supposed to restocked our bestsellers today , but the limit now went down again. Showing over the limit - not sure what to do as we’re completely out of stock.


Ditto!! - I could honestly cry - I have 2 pallets en-route to Germany - that we are over for, yes reading here they may get checked in, but we are only at 30% in-stock rate in EU (due to that little point of Brexit) … I am now blocked from sending more in, just at a time when we were able to start sending pallets in a reasonable fashion,

How the heck are we supposed to get instock rate up, if we cannot send items in - which impacts IPI score, and then further penalises us


Obviously everyone here is complaining which (hopefully) makes me think it may be a glitch.
Do we know of anyone with an increase in stock limits, surely not everyone can have had a decrease?


Same boat for us here. We had 8,000 units in the UK (we are fairly hot on having low excess as well). I removed a bunch of non seasonal stuff and now I am massively overstocked with a limit of roughly 2000, this is less than 2 months of sales over all SKUs and that’s including our low selling items no mind our best-sellers are going to run out.

I will also not mention the emails for me to put our prime day stock in by the 6th June and I can’t send stock…

Oh and we are over the 500 limit too.


What makes me laugh (well almost cry) is that Amazon recently made a big deal of the fact that they’ve lowered their MCF fees to encourage sellers to fulfill orders from other marketplaces from their FBA stock. How exactly do Amazon expect sellers to do that when you can’t even hold enough stock for your Amazon sales? Makes no sense at all.