Selling in Europe advice - Some stock show and some not


Yes but just be mindful that places like Germany have a minimum sign up period of 2 years
I believe you also need to register for vat here in uk too which they won’t do for you as its your home marketplace

You will need an importer of record and fiscal representation in certain countries too

And you will also need to register for EPR - lots and lots of threads on this here atm as the deadline is looming


Hi @REGN_LTD, I also have a similar problem. I have 1 product with 16 variations listed across Europe using EFN. When my EFN got activated a few weeks ago, it all worked and all 16 shows as active in EU. However, I made some changes to my SKUs last week and now only 15 of my 16 are active and 1 is Inactive (Out of stock) in EU even though it is Active in UK. The seller support team have told me I just need to wait and eventually it will go Active again, so I will see…


Thank you for the feedback, I will wait and see if they go live.

Do you get many sales using EFN?



Yes the returns from the VAT services are submitted for you and part of the service, however fiscal representation is required for Germany and France and this is different.

Some of the markets I wouldn’t actually be that bothered with as I can’t see you doing much trade there. Poland, Spain, Czech and Italy for me were pretty rubbish and I haven’t been able to get anything there since Brexit. Also when you register with Spain you have to pay an independent lawyer to notarise your documents.

The reason for having the registrations in Poland and Czech is that you benefit from reduced storage fees and lower fba costs. You would have to sell a lot to make these savings worthwhile to cover the extra fees for supply. You may just want to consider 1 or 2 Countries before going all in. The fees are charged per Country so you don’t get a benefit by doing more.

Also be wary that there are additional fees if you need to make changes to your registrations such as moving address, changing company status etc, you are not really informed of any of this prior to registration. You also have to pay if you decide it is not for you and wish to de-register.


Hi JR, Thanks for this.

I have decided after reading everyone’s replies that we will not be expanding into EU for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for all the advice.


I only have one product and I only sell 4-5 units a day in UK anyway. I had EFN live for about 5 days before my listing issue (so now I have disabled it again until that is fixed), and in that time I sold about 3 in Germany, 1 in Italy and 1 in Spain. All sales were from PPC. So not a lot, but I don’t sell a lot in UK anyway. And also my listings in EU have 0 reviews so I imagine it will be harder to get sales.