Selling Items at 99p including postage - how?


Thanks for the info - but the seller is in the UK not China so its not that.


As this is seller fulfilled, how do you know that they are not asking a “partner” in China to dispatch it for them?


Because I ordered one on Sunday and delivery is scheduled for friday. I dont think it it was sent from China they could do it that quick.
But lets see what turns up - if from China it will have a customs form and different postage label. I will report back when it turns up.


Aye, it could still be sent from China, but be a UK based seller.

Or could be a China seller, who has a UK registered address, based in China.

Best way is to do a test purchase, see what arrives and see what the labels are.


Almost, but you still have to segragate by postage type. So each bag has to contain the same type of item, letter, large letter, parcel. You can put letters / large letters into the parcel bag to reduce the average weight down (but only as far as the lowest price for parcel which means all your parcels are cheaper, but the letters and large letters are very expensive)


The crazy thing is that China post is (or was) subsidised and RM has to bear the brunt. Something to do with China still being classed as a developing economy, I believe. :roll_eyes::triangular_flag_on_post: