Shipment missing after dropping off at local collection point


I’ve just realised… You don’t get an SMS for dropping off do you? I’ve never ever had one in hundreds of boxes. I do get a “booking” confirmation.

Even if everything went wrong (innocently) the UPS driver would have still picked it up which would have also triggered the tracking to stay or add another incident. If the UPS driver never picked it up then it would still be at the shop.

Hence my comment of “innocently” - something is wrong with your situation and it only makes sense if you have made a slight error / not received the SMS you think you have AND someone has bagged it. As regardless of what’s gone wrong as long s it has a label then it would turn up t Amazon or at least be on the tracking.


It could be. Isn’t UPS’s first tracking point is when it’s collected from the shop by the van? I think the in-store scan is only to tell UPS there’s something to collect.


Unless it’s changed… I haven’t used drop points for a few months and only then for convenience while passing one, but when I did it showed on my UPS app instantly as dropped off.


I haven’t used a drop off point in about a year. Usually take things straight to the depot or arrange a collection.


UPS will tell you to contact Amazon - since Amazon are the UPS account holder. UPS will not be able to assist you, but Amazon should be able to open an enquiry with UPS - so I think you will need to contact Amazon rather than UPS


But to Amazon it appears that UPS hasn’t received the shipment at all, so there’s nothing to query.


If you got them to scan the parcel and send you an sms then it should show in the tracking, if it doesn’t then something is wrong, make sure you are using the correct tracking number, if it’s scanned at the shop worse case the tracking is delayed by 24hrs.

Sometimes the shop might misplace the parcel but the UPS drivers often forget to pickup some parcels, its also possible that someone took it from the shop as some of these drop off points are useless, however it still doesn’t explain your tracking not having updated especially with it only being one box.


Yes, the shop scanned the parcel and I received an sms which I set up through my UPS account. Hopefully it gets rectified/found.


then it should show on the UPS website !! Are you checking the correct tracking number?

(I never heard of UPS sending text sms for shipment updates created by Amazon) ….

you said “through my UPS account” … but the tracking label was generated through Amazon Shipment Creation tool… something is not quite right here… I smell a Vole


Which is my point. Just seems like the ends all don’t quite connect!

Doesn’t help that the SMS received is now gone.


Use Royal mail? In my experience they’re safer and certainly more reliable!


Royal Mail is not an approved carrier for inbound FBA.


Unless you have delete messages after so many days then they come back on both Android and Apple.

The seller still has to get the item to the customer. If there isn’t one to ship from Amazon or a replacement sent in to cover the stock then I would suspect that there is an potential issue?


Ah, OK. My mistake! I have my number listed under schedule a parcel collection on UPS but the sms receipt is actually sent by the shop who have asked for my mobile number each time I’ve dropped off boxes. I assume its linked to UPS so the driver knows where to collect from.

I only dropped off 1 box so only had 1 tracking number.


There is no customer thankfully, the box was being sent to an Amazon Fulfillment centre


Aha, I had in the back of my mind that might be an issue for you :relieved: and on top of this issue, something else you didnt need hassle for when not your fault.


That’s only if they’re backed up to the cloud. It doesn’t happen automatically and aren’t retrievable from the network.

There is no customer. It’s an inbound shipment to FBA.


That’s an understatement! When I started FBA, I used to use drop points all over as I was out and about driving around the country.
The amount of times I’ve put the box back in the car as the shop keeper used the actual shop floor to keep the boxes until the driver collected them. Several stores idea of “safe keeping” was to stack them literally at the inside post of the door. One place in a little town near the Lake District told me " to just bung it in the back of the red transit down the side - it’s open".

Which is why I started using the colelction service and now rarely use drop points. As someone else has stated these shops get literally pennies per box - so it’s hardly priority for them.


Perhaps, that might be an option. Log into the cloud and also re-check the phone settings. If they have not come back after so many days then you can re-adjust them and reboot so that they come back and re-load back onto the phone.

The shipment was into the FBA. Usually that would mean that there is an intention to sell the item unless of course, you have nothing else better to do that just send items into Amazon stock for the sake of collectiing dust, wasting your money, time and the will to live? :joy:


It’s in the category information of this post: Fulfilment By Amazon - Shipping Inventory to Amazon

Yes, but there’s not a customer waiting for it. If it’s scanned in by UPS, then not delivered to the FC there’ll be a reimbursement due from Amazon. Do you use FBA?