Shipment missing after dropping off at local collection point


WE get a txt, as soon as we have dropped at point, the tracking usually says then, dropped off, waiting for ups to collect …


So the resolve has got to be trying to recover that information from the phone. I would explore that more. Some store messages for 3 years. just because you do not select that option does not mean that they can not be recovered, ( hope)

I am aware that he can get a refund and avoid all the hassle but - that is still a hassle Barry. He’s only done 4 ships and one failed so far.

Not used FBA since we changed platforms.


OP @LW_Bargains - can you post here a screenshot of your amazon shipment / status as it shown in your amazon account (obviously block out sensitive data)


I agree the main thing is to get some evidence the shipment was received by the drop off point. Android only usually allows retrieval of SMSs if you have already backed them up to the cloud, or transfer them from one phone to another.

Getting evidence from the shop or from UPS might also work.


Hi LW_Bargains

Since me and Barry posted have you had any news? Any update on how this is working out with Amazon, recovery of data or anything from UPS?



Hey Mike, thanks for asking. The only update is I’m no further forward. According to UPS the handset the retailer uses to scan the boxes doesn’t save any data. They weren’t clear at all about what info is captured when the retailer scans it. They’ve said there’s nothing they can do and that Amazon need to open an investigation. But Amazon won’t do that without proof UPS picked it up.


Could the shop review their CCTV and maybe provide some evidence that it was dropped off? Once you can prove it was handed over then it’s up to Amazon to sort it out.

Knowing the date and time it was dropped off might help. If you use Google Maps it often saves your location history:

If you get no further I would gather as much evidence as you can, ask Seller Support to investigate and if they’re unwilling escalate it to


also, have you tried to call the mobile company to see whether the SMS can be retrieved? is the handset a total lost?


Thanks Barry. I’m going to ask the shop about cctv, I hope they have it. It was the 19/12 around 4pm. The reason it took so long to realise there was this problem was because my items were showing as inbound in my inventory. I assumed it was because of the time of year it was taking longer than usual. I’ll keep this thread updated :slightly_smiling_face: