Shipping company said supplier(me) need to arrange a date with Amazon to let them shift in my product



my current problem is the shipping company that i used are going to sent my inventory to amazon UK warehouse but the shipping company contact me that i need to contact to Amazon that my inventory is sending in, and i need to arrange a time to ship my inventory in, because of the shipping company that i use has no right to arrange a time they told me it need to be the seller(me) to confirm with Amazon then they can just sent my product in to the ware house. please tell me what can i do if you know or give me a number to call so that i can solve my problem.
Kinda rush cause my product will arrive at this Friday.
Please help me.


The shipping company is meant to do this through carrier central.


Hi, BarryM
So how can i contact to the carrier central? did you know about it?
Thank you for replying


It’s like seller central but for delivery companies. Search for it “Amazon Carrier Central”


You cannot contact Carrier Central , Carrier Central is a portal similar to Seller Central and is used by Amazon approved shipping agents , this enables carriers to book in deliveries and pallets into Amazon.


As you say so, what should i do then? Any suggestion? the situation now is the product will be arrive this Friday and the shipping company have tried to contact Amazon but then “Amazon” reply them the supplier(me) need to connect with Amazon the supplier(me) tell the Shipping company when they can ship in to Amazon warehouse.


Your response is not entirely clear , from my understanding your supplier is shipping direct to Amazon FBA is this a Small Parcel delivery multiple boxes shipment or a pallet delivery? If it is a pallet delivery this has to be booked into Amazon via Carrier Central , i.e. an Amazon approved delivery agent that uses carrier central.

When you booked this shipment into to Amazon you would have created a shipping plan utilising below;

FBA Shipment


Nope in my situation is the supplier sent me all the product because this is the first time i’m selling to Amazon so i need to make sure all my product quality are good. And now after i checked all of my product i found a logistic company to sent my product to the address of store or warehouse they have gave me in the system. But the logistic company told me that Amazon told them the seller need to book a time with them they just can sent thing in.
Sorry about English is not my first language hope you can understand what i want to tell about.


You would need to a create an FBA Shipment plan then pass on these details to your logistics partner, from the FBA Shipment detail they can they book in the delivery into Amazon.


Could you tel me how to create an FBA shipment plan?
I have already got the bar-code and stick it on my box already isn’t that means i already created a Shipment already?


Creating a shipping plan

To begin, select the products that you want to send to Amazon:
On the Manage Inventory page, select each product that you want to ship. Then select Send/Replenish Inventory from the Action on Selected drop-down menu. On the Send/Replenish Inventory page, select one of the following:
Create a new shipping plan to create a new shipping plan.
Add to an existing shipping plan to add products to an open shipping plan. Select an open plan from the Add to shipping plan drop-down list.
Confirm your ship-from address. Your ship-from address is the location where your shipment will be collected. It may be your home or business. If you work with suppliers, it may be from their fulfilment centre. To change the ship-from address, click Ship from another address.
Confirm the packing type of the products that you are shipping to Amazon.
Individual products are single products of varying quantities and conditions. Case-packed products are multiples of the same product packaged by the manufacturer, each case containing the same quantity in the same condition.
Click Continue to shipping plan.


is that all? it seems like you haven’t finished type?

(If you work with suppliers, it may be from their fulfilment centre. To change the ship-from address, click Ship from another address.)
the suppliers means the logistic company or?


Sounds like you need to learn the basics of how to sell on Amazon, below is a shipping guide;


I think i have already created a shipping plan because i have already got my box bar-code and stuff. If not i will not be able to know where i need to ship to Amazon.


You need to provide more clear detail of exactly what you are trying to acheive your posts are too vague


i will tell the story. Now, i’m in Ireland and i ordered something(my product) from China and start selling to Amazon FBA. my stock arrived last week from supplier at China. After i checked the quality of everything i decide to sent all of them to Amazon and sell it. I have created my shipping plan and get all of the bar-code for every single product and i got the bar-code and shipment address to stick on the box that carried everything. After that i found a local base logistic company help me to ship to the Amazon address they they system been provided.

But today this morning the logistic company told me they they have no rights to just sent my product in to the Amazon address that the system that already provided to me. they told me that I am the person who need to contact to Amazon and let Amazon know my product will be ship in. And then after i got confirm a time with Amazon when i can ship in my product i need to tell the logistic company when they can ship in so they will ship my product in the Amazon that the day i have book with Amazon.

So, this is the reason they im looking for help, because i could not find any contact number on internet. who in Amazon that i need to tell i’m shipping my product in.


What are you trying ship in? Boxes or Pallets?


You need to use one of "Amazons Partnered " shipping agents - they have pre-set delivery slots into Amazon - anyone else is hit and miss.


So you didn’t use an ‘Amazon Preferred’ courier, meaning that the FBA warehouses probably won’t accept the delivery when it arrives.
You can’t book a delivery slot, only approved carriers can. If you don’t use an approved carrier your chances of getting your items accepted in to the warehouse are almost zero.


im trying to ship in Pallets