Sole Trader Nonsense


I had this problem as well when applying for an account. Call HMRC, explain the situation with Amazon and ask if they can send a letter confirming your UTR. Once you have received what they send you, I think mine was a statement of some kind, this will be accepted by Amazon as it was with me.


Have they actually told you the reason it isn’t being accepted is because it’s over 90 days?

I’ve used my welcome letter when it was over 90 days (but within a year) and my notice to complete tax return. Normally if it’s not being accepted, it’s for another reason.


PLEASE MY FRIEND. Accept what other sellers are telling you. Amazon compared to ‘The Bay’ is like comparing apples to pears. If you’re frustrated in the initial set up that Amazon are insisting on and expect to start listing as you can on that platform then you haven’t seen nothing yet. With Amazon, you need to get everything right from the word go and continue to follow their rules and stipulations ongoing. Study the Seller University, research the forums and accept that selling on Amazon is a privilege, not a right. Get it right and you can look forward to some good returns. Most long term sellers on here, including us have had accounts suspended, listings deactivated, etc and sometimes you have to delve deep to find the reason why. It’s not an easy ride as Amazon set the rules and you have to play by them. Don’t rush things, it may take weeks, possibly months before you’re up and running. Persevere and you’ll get there but, as others will advise, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Every time I read this thread the OP has a Different Whinge.


Hi everyone,

thanks for the very good advice on here.

I’m a sole proprietor and currenlty going through the validation process for being near the £15000 disbursement mark.

They have asked for my URN number and proof of paperwork from HMRC. This is dated November 2019. Is this going to fail the validation process? I have sent this document to Amazon but if this is going to fail i might as well be pro active and contact the HMRC today and get them to reissue a new one.

Ive also had to send them a copy of my passport and a letter of authorisation.

Still waiting for a response but its only been a couple of days.

Kind reagrds,


No, it is not OK to be an Individual Seller, and you probably never should have been - you need to register as a Business Seller with Amazon and HMRC.
It tells you in that email exactly how to change your legal entity to Business.


If you ring up HMRC and explain to them what you need they should send you a copy of one of the above with recent date on.
I contacted them recently as Amazon had asked me for same documents for “Verification”, they sent me copies which were accepted by Amazon.
Hope this helps.


you might want to check that you are not in a restricted category before listing.


i love this,hilarious.couldn’t stop laughing,what’s the point of asking for help if you dont want to listen to it…this issue is one of the easiest on Amazon if you listen.


My son has just had to do it after 2nd verification in 8 weeks. HMRC sent it out within a few days dated



I’ve just been through this. You will need to call the HMRC as stated on Amazon, but make sure that you follow the template they provided. I sent my latest UTR confirmation letter from the HMRC and that was not accepted. So I had to request another that states that the details are live and valid. After that, it was accepted quickly.


It’s Amazon you want to sell on ,so it’s their rules you need to follow.
HMRC are very much used to people requesting a letter for proof of UTR for use on Amazon. They are aware this is required and in my experience post the letter to you within a week or two.
I would imagine they have many requests every day.


I’ve had to do this too, opened a chat up online with HMRC and requested a copy of my UTR number, told them it was due to Amazon requiring this information(which they are used to hearing) the letter came within 5 days, and this was during lockdown when most of the agents were working from home and was accepted.


I had to do this as I had the same issue.

Phoned HMRC explained I sell on amazon and what they require, guy put me on hold whilst he typed up the letter then came back and said all done. Received letter 3 days later, took a photo of it on wooden table next to HMRC envelope. Amazon excepted document within an hour.

Problem solved job done.


I tried that, but not accepted. I have asked HMRC for a letter confirming UTR.
That was 3 weeks ago and nothing has arrived from them.
In the meantime I am still selling, but Amazon will not pay out until they have a copy of the forthcoming letter


Me too. You can webchat with HMRC - it’s quite quick (even if you’re 59th in the queue) and ask them for a confirmation of UTR. Mine arrived in about 4 days.


I feel your pain, I am stuck in the same Kafka esque nightmare


My advice, forget everything you think you know about what is normal, acceptable and appropriate. This is Amazon and they do as they please. You can either roll over and play to their tune or go mad trying to get them to see common sense.

Seriously I am not exagerating when I say you will go mad if you try to use common sense and logic on here.

Good luck.


Hi All
I contacted HMRC too for documents confirming UTR and also received within 2 days! Great, lets see what happens next…


Self Assesment
Do not worry if you contact the tax office and ask them to supply this again they will do so within fourteen days mine took two days and it was then accepted by Amazon as it was now within date.