Take action now: Prepare your Amazon business for Brexit


For FBM sales on ANY Amazon platform, to an EU country, Amazon have said that the BUYER must not incur any additional fees (import duties, vat etc) beyond what is charged on the actual order.

Amazon have not said this doesn’t apply for sales on the UK marketplace for orders into an EU country.

If I have missed this, please provide a link to the info. Thanks.


With regards to what you are saying about tariffs do you know if they would still be payable in my case?

Majority of goods are manufactured inside the EU, sent to the UK and then sent back to Amazon FCs in the EU. Would tarrifs still apply as the manufacturer is based in the EU and goods are simply going back there?



If the majority of your goods are made in the EU (over 55% parts produced) then no tariffs would apply under the country of origin rules. You may be asked to prove this however which will be tedious.


It is not any Amazon platform. If people buy from an Amazon site outside their own country they are responsible for all import taxes. This is the wording from Amazon UK and similar wording is on all Amazon sites:

“If the country your order is being delivered to isn’t covered by the Amazon Global programme then any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you. We have no control over these charges and can’t predict what they may be.”


Your customs broker/courier will act as the importer of record or they will act on your customer’s behalf. You need a service whereby you are billed for their/the customers import duties.

You cannot let the customer pay duty and VAT if they have purchased on the home Amazon site.


Excellent, thank you.


No, nothing really changes in terms of the new Brexit FBA process with the Free Trade Deal. It just means items won’t attract a duty charge if they are UK goods.


I have had this confirmed twice by Amazon, which I know doesn’t guarantee it to be accurate but…

If you get an order on DE and you and your stock are based in UK, when you ship the order it must be delivered with all fees/tariffs/duties and taxes paid. The buyer must not be charged any additional fees.

This is direct from Amazon. Yes, I know this doesn’t apply to sales outside of Amazon, this is just the way AMazon want to operate.

Like I say, if there is Amazon info that contradicts this then please post a link so I can check.


Your earlier post referred to sales on ANY Amazon platform hence my response.

If someone buys on DE and you send to DE from the UK then yes, you must pay duties and tax.

However is someone buys on UK for shipment to DE, the buyer is responsible for duties and tax.

It does not therefore apply to any Amazon platform.


So there will be no duty but you will have to pay the VAT you collect to the destination country. Will there still be thresholds or will every transaction count?


But how will EU customs know on which site the order was placed?


They don’t need to know, all imports into the recipients country will attract VAT if over 22 Euros. This is normally paid by the recipient but Amazon stipulate (for purchases on the buyers home site) that the seller must pay this so you have to use a courier service that is able to recharge these costs to you rather than charge the buyer.


That makes sense.


and if you’re not vat registered in DE? Is it now that there are no distant selling limits, so if you have a DE marketplace, then you must also have an EU vat number?


To keep stock in any of Amazons European fulfilment centres you must be registered for Vat in the country where the stock is held. Distancing selling Vat rules no longer apply after 1st Jan.


ok, so we FBA in DE, and sell accordingly to DE customers, from what i understand sales to other EU countries, all vat is declared and paid to DE authorities… one return only for all

EU sales gemerated from DE… but what i would like to know is…
do we pay VAT when shipping goods from UK to DE fulfilment centres… i use UPS preferred carrier scheme, will they do clearance and charge my company the VAT for the clearance?..

and then do i re claim that VAT when the monthly VAT return is made… i assuming yes to all… anyone else know if this is correct?


I think the main question is this, Non EU sellers are supposed to be having amazon collect the sales tax for them and only pass onto them the ex sales tax component. If this happens then how do you file the paperwork for customs (ie lets say EUR119 sale to germany, Amazon pass EUR19 sales tax to German gov, tax their fees and had you whatevers left.

When you post this order, Amazon will have already dealt with the VAT, how is this articulated to customs.

I ask this as it’s what is supposed to be happening from tomorrow for non EU sellers (ie mainly to combat chinese VAT fraud)


No, it’s just an import VAT, it’s not your VAT so you don’t need a DE registration. EU Customs collect the VAT and pay it to whichever EU Government. Same way if you buy something personally from outside the EU currently, Royal Mail will ask you to pay the import VAT.


Tomorrow Amazon start collecting VAT for non-UK sellers - this doesn’t affect UK sellers. EU are bringing in a similar thing from 1 July. We are talking about UK sellers selling into the EU from tomorrow at what duties/taxes are due.


Yes you will pay DE VAT on import into Germany and then you reclaim this via your DE VAT return.