URGENT: Upload your VAT number now


I got that email and I forwarded it to stop-spoofing@amazon.com


Shame they don’t have a stop spaming sellers one to send it to :rofl:


Is it not true that you don’t have to be VAT registered if your yearly earnings is less than £80000. Also if my products are zero VAT exempt , do I still need to get my VAT registration done. I now issue my invoice to buyers. Can someone please enlighten me on this. Thank you.


£85,000. But if you are not a UK resident and don’t have physical premises in the UK, I think you have to register whatever your turnover. If you need accurate or more detailed advice, you ought to talk to your accountant


your zero rated items that you sell still count towards your vat threshold which is £85000 (not £80000) if you based in the uk


Thank you for the reply.


actually now i think about it im not 100% certain what i have just written is true about zero rated items as i dont sell them perhaps someone could clarify as i dont want to put wrong info on here


It doesn’t matter if they’re zero rated, it’s based on turnover not vat rate of produce. I initially only sold books which are zero rated, and one of the 1st peices of advice my accountant gave was to register for vat as I would be able to claim back vat paid on business expenses. In effect this meant I received a refund every quarter from the vat man. All businesses are different and I would always advise speaking to an accountant before making any decision, that goes doubly if not UK based.


thanks for clearing that up isabella i thought it was correct but not 100%


I had the same email 2 days ago. I am not VAT registered as I have not reached the VAT threshold to register for VAT. All of my invenotry is stored in the UK and I store no inventory in any European country, though my products are sent from the UK to Europe if I sell there. My sales in Europe are very very low and I do not meet the turnover of any of the European countries to register either. I am pretty concered to see the word URGENT and “read carefully …” in the email. What should we don?