VAT Changes on Sales to UK Customers


Doubtful. There’s companies out there who have multiple accounts (selling same product items) so can get both the buy box and the 2nd (and maybe even 3rd) in the list. Plus means that if 1 gets banned, the other accounts can keep on selling.


Are you sure? Where did you got this information’s from?


Yes… thats what Im wondered as well. As I have read somewhere that anyone who is selling in UK have to register for Vat but now summer.glau says something else?


Goods coming into the UK will get treated as imports and will have to pay VAT and Duty. This will be billed to the buyer who will be absolutely livid, as most of us are now used to getting tax free items.

And this is not only happening in the UK, it is happening across the EU as part of the Ecommerce initiative.


Good luck with that, getting anyone at Amazon who has the faintest idea what they are doing is a major undertaking and practically impossible.

You would be better to speak to HMRC, there must be a way to claim back the vat Amazon has incorrectly charged and paid so that you are not out of pocket with this. I have had complicated vat situations in the past and the best help I got was by contacting the vat department at HMRC they were very clear about what I needed to do. They were helpful and provided clear answers and links to where I could find more details online.

I have always found HMRC to be helpful with their advice and when you get the details from them they are normally accurate. The exact opposite of the robotic nonsense replies we are used to on here. They will understand the disability and vat situation Amazon are most unlikely to have any answers.


I agree, it’s a lot easier dealing with HMRC than Amazon where Vat and tax matters are concerned. Straight from the horse’s mouth as it were, rather that, than from a numpty sheet of unrelated or innacurate responses.


PAN FBA splits into Europe and UK. After time Amazon plans to go back but nobody knows when.


So if you’re based in the UK, and inventory is in the UK, Amazon won’t be collecting VAT from the sales?


no - UK to UK is still the same old system


So they won’t be collecting VAT automatically if you’re business is based in UK and selling in the UK?


they shouldn’t - UK VAT isn’t changing


Not if you are a small UK seller under the VAT threshold.

It means that you pay VAT on the goods you buy (which you can’t claim back) and then instead of the VAT coming back to you on the sale, it goes to the government again!

The regs don’t seem to cover this properly but it looks to me like another hefty stealth tax on small businesses.



If the products you sell are VAT exempt then I would have thought you could input the correct tax code by following the steps below ?

If you go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Select the product you want to edit > Click Edit > Click Offer Tab > Scroll Down to nearly bottom of the page > Input Tax Code


Anyone in the UK can voluntarily register for VAT so, if it works out better for you to be VAT registered, then you don’t need to wait until you reach the threshold.


Yes of course…

After giving small businesses a good kicking already this year, why not add more burden.

Pay a hefty tax increase or waste even more time on admin


Can anyone clear something up for me, I am the sole director in the business, the company is registered in the uk, although i do not live in the uk, would i be classed as a non uk business and amazon collect vat or am i still uk to uk technically so i continue to do vat returns


Registered with companies house and such, but im thinking if my the only director is a non uk resident am i still a uk company


There is no mention of UK based business rules changing. This is only for goods store abroad or business established abroad (even if the goods are in the UK).

If you are a UK business, established here and goods stored here (not sure about the directorship residency side of things) then Amazon should not apply the VAT rule to you.

Everything should be the same as before. If you are not registered for VAT and are established here, store your goods here and are under the threshold, according to the new government guidelines your business does not come under the new rules so Amazon has no right to deduct any VAT from your sales.


Oh, I agree. I’m not VAT registered because I’m not going to be a free tax collector on behalf of HMRC until I reach the point where I have to. For me, the admin burden isn’t worth it in the calculations. I only mentioned it becuase everyone’s model is different and, for some businesses, it might be worth registering under the threshold.


Yes you’re right, thank you for clarifying that. I’d got a bit ahead of myself.

The worry is that Amazon might do it anyway. They have a nasty habbit of either missapliying rules or just lumping everyone together in the same boat.

A few years ago I successfully claimed back several thousand pounds worth of VAT that Amazon had wrongly charged. It took well over a year to get it back and many times Amazon tried to duck out of it altogether. I don’t want to have to go through all that again.

Will see what happens in January.